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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Thanks

In the past 7 or 8 days (I didn't actually realize it at first) I've gotten 10 new followers, including one this morning.  This might not seem like an post-worthy number, but from 16 to 26 is pretty significant.

So, welcome to those of you who are new.

And thank you to everyone.  Even if you follow and never comment, I still feel loved in cyberspace.  And if you comment and don't follow, that's awesome, too.

I will be posting something more soon.  Stay tuned :)


Cruella Collett said...

Hey, you're awesome, and your blog is awesome, so it's logical that awesome people will gravitate your way :) Congratulations :)

RosieC said...

Aw, thanks, Cruella! :)

Jemi Fraser said...

It's fun to watch those numbers grow! I agree with Cruella - your blog will attract lots of people :)

RosieC said...

Thanks, Jemi. I hope you're right. And thanks for following :)

Lynda Young said...

grats on your growth. As a blogger, it's always nice to know we aren't talking into empty space :)

Tiffany Neal said...

Add one more to that growing list! :)

Hart Johnson said...

that is better than a 40% increase, which is pretty phenomenal, really... Congrats!

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