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Monday, July 5, 2010

An Award +7 Mystery Items

Jan, you made me a little weepy when you passed this on to me.  I hardly think of myself as versatile in my short blogging life.  Of course, I made my last post right about the same time Jan bestowed this upon me, and Cruella Collett ended up visiting me.  Her comment may not indicate my versatility, but it's nice to know that we can touch people without even trying.

I want to say for the record (CC, if you're listening), that I know all about deadlines and Masters theses and other academic bureaucracy that makes you want to pull your hair out in tufty little patches.  Good luck with your break.

All that being said, I want to thank Jan for passing this on to me.  And the green is rather fitting, no? :)

Okay, so, I don't simply get to bask in the glory of my award.  It comes with a price.  No, I'm not selling my soul to anything/one, nor am I writing oaths to be someone's servant forever.  It's much simpler than that.

1.  Thank those who loved me enough to bestow this gift.  
Jan, let me know if you need more praise.  I could continue, for example, by thanking you for your Friday challenges...

2.  Share seven things about myself.
Oh, boy.  Welp, let's see...
  • I've lived in seven US states and two European countries (three, if only a month counts as more than vacation).  I've also visited the majority of the continental 48, a province or two, and two more continents.  Yeah, I like to travel :)
  • I finished my first novella (horrible as it was!) when I was thirteen.
  • I began legal adulthood and my college education as a creative writing major.  Due to not-so-peer pressure, I changed my major to something more practical (international studies), and have even since fumbled around looking for my soul's true home: politics, anthropology, religious philosophy, ESL, linguistics.  I have now come full circle, and want to kick myself for not taking greater advantage of those writing workshops.  Of course, I don't think I was ready for them then.  Can I go back and try again?
  • It took me nearly eighteen months to muster the nerve to start this blog.
  • I have a strong propensity to pick up the accents of the people I'm around.  It's usually temporary, and completely unconscious.  But I do still have a few things that stick with me (like saying "Wisconsin" as if I were from there, thanks to my first college roommate X+ years ago).
  • In my Dr. Jekyll life (which makes my writing persona Ms. Hyde?), I am a PhD student in Slavic Linguistics.  This entails me studying tiny, semantically empty word-like things in Polish called clitics.  I promise, it's not at all sexual!  (At a New Year's party a few years ago, I said, "I study clitics" before explaining what they were, and the woman I was talking to became instantly disturbed and uncomfortable and walked away.  So, now, I explain it before giving it a proper euphemism... *cough* er, name.)
  • My husband and I have two loving and adorable cats, one of whom we adopted in Poland, and the other from the local animal shelter.  In fact, they are so loving that they are standing at the door, crying for my husband to take them outside with him because they don't want him to be out there alone.  Aren't they sweet?

3.  Bestow this award upon others whose blogs you believe are versatile and worthy of acknowledgment.  
Jan, by her own confession, isn't good at following the rules.  So, I have no idea what the original ideal number is, but it doesn't really matter.  Here is a short list of blogs that regularly impact me and my life, writing-related or otherwise.

Jan at Crazy Jane (I don't feel bad passing this back, since my award came from Jan's other blog)
Rory at RAWR
Lindsey at Lindsey Leavitt
Jennifer at writerjenn
Charity at My Writing Journey
Dawn at Officially Twisted
Laa and Dio at Goat Spice

and two newbies, who will soon become versatile:
Heather at Heather's Krafty Korner
Maria at cards and crafts by maria (particularly note the Squirl Power card.... :)

There are loads of other blogs out there that I could pass this on to, but I wouldn't be able to stop.  Oh, and for some I'm one of their 4928 followers, and they don't know me from any other random groupie.  Just because I didn't list them doesn't mean they're not awesome.

4.  Drop by and let my friends know I love them.
You don't have to tell me twice! 


Heather said...

Awww Thanks Rosie! I especially like #5!

Cruella Collett said...

I am listening, I am listening! :) I have never fully understood why, but it really is comforting to know that there are others out there in the same boat. I have made a decision with regards to my deadline - grid my teeth and send away a draft I am not happy with - because that will still feel like more of an achievement than not sending anything at all. And hopefully some constructive words from my supervisor can help. I have also done the other thing I always do when I am stuck - called my dad. I speak with my parents on the phone on a weekly basis, but usually I'm not the one calling, and most of the time it's my mom I'm speaking with. So they always know there is something up when I specifically ask to speak to my dad. As always he made me feel a little braver, a little better about myself, and to top things off my little nephews were running around in the background giving me many laughs.

I am rambling... But it just felt very nice that someone "listened", you know? Both you, and now later my dad. So thank you :)

And I was an International Studies major too! For my MA I switched to history, and I don't regret it as such, but sometimes I wonder if I wasn't intended for linguistics... (Yay Slavic languages!)

Cruella Collett said...

Oh, and I completely forgot to thank you for some great blog recommendations. I'd say those are not only versatile bloggers, but a versatile set of winners!

RosieC said...

@Heather: You're quite welcome. I'll try to pick up some Texan the next time we're down to visit :)

@CC: I'm definitely listening, and excited to be heard at the same time :) Thank *you*!

It's 110% comforting to know that your struggles aren't unique. I feel the exact some way. That's a major reason that I like some of the blogs that I read regularly: they may be much further ahead in the writing/editing/querying/publishing/marketing process than I am (meaning, they've done anything beyond #1), but they still struggle with character development, or cutting this character, or dealing with rejection, etc. It's all about building a community. It doesn't take a village just to raise a child... And it's great that you have your dad to talk to when you need a bravery booster. We all need people like that.

Do you speak any Slavic languages? I see you're in Norway. And linguistics is awesome. I hear there's a great program in Tromso if you feel like being REALLY cold....

Maria said...

You are very sweet Rosie! Thank you. :) I also do #5.

Cruella Collett said...

Sadly, I don't speak any Slavic languages, but I am fascinated with languages in general, and I've come to like the Slavic ones recently due to some of my friends - one from Russia and one from Kosovo.

I have always wanted to live in Tromsø, though, so maybe I should take a year up there studying Russian? ;) (Though the logical solution if I wanted to study Russian would be to do so in Russia..)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you very much for your kind words!

Charity Bradford said...

Thank you Rosie, and I'm glad you started a blog. I've been having fun catching up.

I laughed at #5 because my mom used to get so angry with me for doing the same time. It came in handy when we moved around a lot though. ;)

JoseG said...

Hmm, #3 and starting over. Can I start over and be a farmer?

RosieC said...

:) Sure. I'd support that.

Rory said...

Oh, Rosie, I have finally became besties with your blog. It definitely helped when I was told of its existence, har. Anyway, you're the sweetest and I was SO happy to see you on Saturday and what a drag that we've both had migraines in the last week. At least we're sexy lady writers who can "enjoy" some catharsis in posting. Thank you SO much for being a reader and champion of my blog! It means a lot, and makes me feel like we can stay closer than the long-distance would usually allow. xoxo

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much Rosie!
~Lindsey Leavitt

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