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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Over the last few (insert time span of your choice here; it's probably accurate), I've been having a crisis.  No, not a the-world-is-going-to-end! crisis, but more of a who-am-I-what-am-I-doing-here crisis.  I waffle about school, about what I want to do when I grow up, about what color to paint my toenails—everything.  Recently, I've been finding some answers, and feel like my life is moving back onto a paved road (I've never been one to enjoy off-roading).

Oddly enough, this all comes at the same time as I've been reading the Pray part of EPL.  No, this is not a book club post, in case you're worried. :)  Maybe just an extension of yesterday's—tangentially.  Anyway, reading about Liz's life at the ashram was thought provoking.  It made me want to discipline my life more, to find balance—mind/body/spirit—where there isn't any, and to better cultivate my spiritual side, which has been sadly neglected recently.  Yeah, yeah, the physical side has, too...

I'm not good at disciplining myself.  I've never kept a regular exercise routine going (by myself) for more than a couple of months.  I don't have good study habits.  My good eating habits can be attributed to my husband.  And I promise you, you do not want to see my house!

Now, I realize there's only so much I can do, but I can attempt to institute some discipline into my blogger-laden life.  Here are a few of my ideas on where to start.
  • Get up a half-hour earlier and do yoga before class.
  • Limit the amount of time I spend on blogger (I'll still be around, though, I promise!)
  • Do they job I would get paid for doing if I did it (ah, the joy of freelancing...)
  • Read something (that I didn't write) for at least one hour per day
  • Don't forsake the trees I brought home with printed versions of the first five chapters of my novel!  (I thank them for their sacrifice for the good of YA fantasy)
This is a lot.  I'm going to try instituting one thing at a time.  Starting today, I'm incorporating the reading for at least one hour.  I've been reading, but sporadically and sometimes only for fifteen minutes (before I pass out!).  Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to that freelance book I'm editing.  Monday morning starts the yoga.  I've done yoga before but, like everything else, it was irregular at best.

The last addition to my list:
  • Visit the Tibetan monastery on Sundays for their open prayer meetings.
That is the plan for Sunday morning.  Saturday morning=farmers market.  Sunday morning=Buddhist prayer/lesson.  I'm excited.

How do you discipline yourself (or not)?  Do you have a routine that you must stick to?  In the crazy world of jobs and children and spouses and friends and mothers and the whirlpool of chaos, how do you find time to read and write?  There must be disciple in that, right?


Anonymous said...

Routine is not for me. But I'm sure one day when I'm married and have kids and all that domesticity, I'll have a little changing to do...

I really have no idea how I balance my time, seeing as how I don't pay attention; it just happens! That's not to say, though, that I have the time to do everything I want (for one thing, I don't read as often as I did when I was younger). But to discipline myself to write, I first put myself into a mood to where I WANT to. That means a little stolen relaxation. :)

RosieC said...

Amanda, stolen relaxation definitely helps. I think my problem is that I'm almost always in the mood to write :) It gets in the way of everything else! And I never have time to do everything I want, even if I don't write 24/7.

JoseG said...

Mutual inspiration and motivation :-)?

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