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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fantasy Blog Hop

What a great idea!  A blog-hop to meet other bloggers that blog similar topics to yours.  Brilliant, really.  Three cheers for Tessa.

I don't have much of my writing on my blog yet (I'm still pretty new to this), but you can check out this one if you'd like.
  1. Add yourself to the list if you think you fit the topic of the week
  2. Get the code and post it on your blog. This is essential - if you don't, people won't be able to hop on from there. That's just plain rude and a major annoyance. It will also land you on many people's blacklist of blogs-never-to-visit-again.
  3. If you like, do a post on your blog introducing yourself to your visitors. 
  4. Each list will be up for a week or so...or at least it will be accessible for that long.
This week's theme: 

The Life Fantastic
Do you write fantasy stories/novels (any subgenre welcome)? 
Do you read/review fantasy books? 
Maybe you create fantasy art? 
Join the list and meet other like-minded creatures of the web!
(this week's linky list features a thumbnail picture of you)


Tessa Conte said...

Hey, thanks for joining! This should be fun... ; )

Sue London said...

Yay, another member! Now s'cuse me while I look around. :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

OH, your thumbnails are so pretty! I'll have to join in on the next round...Between my 18 day blog party with Jackee and my basement flooding twice in two weeks, I'm doing good to remember to breathe...

Mesmerix said...

Welcome to the blog hop! Your banner image on the blog is awesome, love those eyes. Happy writing (and hopping too!)

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