Welcome to my self-indulgent location for the stories (good and bad) that I can't prevent myself from writing. All comments and criticisms welcome. I post on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Upcoming Blogfests:

I'm not scheduled to participate in any upcoming blogfest at this time.

 Blogfests that I've (Co)Hosted:

What's the Score Blogfest, hosted by me

Hone Your Skills Blogfest, cohosted with Charity Bradford

Blogfests I've Participated In:

A scene, 500-1000 words, in which your characters get interrupted, hosted by Sasha Conte

Getting to know your MC Blogfest, hosted by Elizabeth Mueller and Jeannie Campbell

Laughter is the Best Medicine Blogfest, hosted by Leigh T. Moore and Lydia Kang

A-to-Z Blogfest 2011, hosted by Arlee Bird, Jeffrey Beesler, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Jen Daiker, Candace Ganger, Karen J Gowen, Talli Roland, and Stephen Tremp

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Now Starring Blogfest, hosted by Lindz Pagel and Alexis Fittinger

Blogiversary Blogfest featuring the letter M, hosted by Wendy Tyler Ryan

Lost and Found Blogfest, hosted by Myne Whitman

The Nature of Magic Blogfest, hosted by Tessa Conte and Laura Diamond

Luck o' the Irish Blogfest, hosted by Alexia Chamberlynn and Colene Murphy

Delusional Doom Blogfest, hosted by Hart Johnson

Catch Me If You Can Blogfest, hosted by Kristina Fugate
Bernard Pivot Blogfest, hosted by Nicole Ducleroir

Top Ten Music Countdown, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh

The Life Fantastic/Bloghop, hosted by Tessa Conte
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