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Works in Progress

Titles are continually being reconsidered.  Any constructive criticism on how to improve the following is welcome and greatly appreciated.

The Birthright of Aldred and Elmore: Fighting Fate (Book 1, though it can stand alone)
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy/Romance
Word Count: Currently under revision (approx. 78,000)

Three-line pitch:
When a dare causes Anabelle Lindsky to sneak into the restricted areas of the Mansion in search of Prince Marcus, she doesn't realize she'll attract both his attention and the Queen's. Anabelle only wants to say she met the Prince, but Marcus decides to pursue this daredevil commoner. However, the Queen's knowledge of the future forces her hand to keep them apart, as the stability of their lives and the nation depend on it.

Chloë's Second Life (Book 1, though it can stand alone)
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 51,000 (This was my NaNoWriMo 2010 project. I expect heavy revision will increase the word count to around 60,000)

Potential Query Pitch:
When she wakes up in a morgue freezer, Chloë doesn’t know who she is or how she got there. Her friends rescue her before the autopsy, and then spend days helping her rediscover her past and herself—except no one else knows the details of the evening in which Chloë was brought to the morgue. Trained since she was little as a demon hunter, she relearns how to control her power and continues her training as if nothing ever happened.

When she runs into Ridge, the vampire responsible for killing her boyfriend, conflict tears at Chloë. As the huntress, she wants to kill him, but he offers her information about her new life and about the night when everything changed. As the days and nights of her new life multiply, Chloë finds herself sniffing people’s necks and identifying their blood types, or wondering how her sister’s flesh would taste, or dreaming of the savory entrails of live victims, and she realizes what no one else has—she is no longer only human.

At first she tells no one, ashamed of what she has become, fighting demons harder than before. But needing to confide in someone, Chloë tells her sister and asks her the unthinkable: if Chloë becomes too dangerous, her sister must be ready to kill her.

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