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Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 10 Countdown - BlogFest

Okay, I don't normally post on Mondays, but I thought this sounded like too much fun to pass on. I'll skip my typical Tuesday post and be back again on Thursday.

So, without further ado, here's is my top ten list, although they're not really in any particular order (and if you ask me again next week, it'll probably be a little different).

1. "Pretty Bird" by Jenny Lewis
There's just something about this song, even though the lyrics are uncomplicated. It obviously means a lot to me, or else I wouldn't have named my blog from the lyrics. :)

2. "Walk This World" by Heather Nova
Yup, Heather Nova was a one hit wonder, and this was that one hit, but I still own two of her albums. This speaks to me as both the romantic and, as my friend called me the other day, a gypsy who can't stay in one place too long.

3. "Man on the Moon" by R.E.M.
Okay, well, my love for R.E.M. even goes through Michael Stipe's Orange Crush/eyeliner phase, although I think this came earlier. I'm not sure I can pinpoint why I picked this song over anything else, but there's something in it that speaks to me, be it the references to Andy Kaufman or the midwestern/central plains charm.

4. "Gravel" by Ani DiFranco (the song starts around 0:50)
This is a song that strongly represents my college years, and my issues with men. Enough said.

5. "Supernova" by Liz Phair
A college icon of mine. I love many of her songs, but this one was popular for a while (many years ago), and I thought it might grab some attention :)

6. "Circles" by Soul Coughing
College years. There's a great story of my friends and I trying to see Soul Coughing in Chicago one winter January, going down a one-way street in a neighborhood looking for parking before the concert, and a massive firetruck barreling toward us with its lights and sirens going. Obviously we survived, and hopefully the house on fire (or the cat in the tree) were equally taken care of.

7. "Sugarhigh" by Coyote Shivers (from the Empire Records soundtrack)
My favorite movie in high school, and the song that plays during the happy ending. I just don't love sugar as much as I did back then!

8. The Witch's "Rap" from Into the Woods
This one goes back to my musical theater days in high school. I loved this show, and I adored Bernadette Peters as the witch. I couldn't find a clip with Bernadette Peters, but this one with Vanessa Williams is pretty good, even if the video quality is poor.

9. "15 Steps" by Radiohead
Aw, man, I love Radiohead. This song is great (and was before it ended up on a Twilight soundtrack).

10. "Measuring Cups" by Andrew Bird
Ah, our insecurities. I like this clip in particular because it gives insight into Bird's ideas for the song. Anyway, with my own academic and personal insecurities, this song is a must here. Not to mention that Andrew Bird is perhaps one of the most amazing and talented musicians I've ever heard of.

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Jessica Bell said...

Oh wow! Liz Phair! Love her!

Jan Morrison said...

Hi - I'm not festing today but I'll tell you that I didn't know one song on your list. Probably would recognize the Ani DiFranco one if I listened. I must be even more helplessly ancient than I thought! I gave my number one favourite to Jemi so I'll give you my second "What Do We Do Now" by John Hiatt.

Jules said...

Yeah, I forgot about Liz. Looks like you love lyrics as much as I do :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

iZombie said...

hell yes, sugar-high...

what a great selection of music
thanks for the melody's,

Lydia K said...

I love your list! I'd totally listen to this. Nice to meet you on this blog hop!

LTM said...

interesting picks! I really liked that first Soul Coughing album... I'll have to check this song out~ :o) <3

Clarissa Draper said...

I love REM. Shoulda put some on my list.

Cold As Heaven said...

That's mostly unknown stuff to me. Checking out a couple of them now >:)

Cold As Heaven

Hart Johnson said...

Ha! More music to check out! I love REM and Liz Phair, but a pretty good portion of this I haven't heard.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you didn't skip today! Thanks for participating.

M Pax said...

I need to check a few of these out. As I love the Liz Phair, REM and Radiohead selections. Can't believe I forgot REM.

DEZMOND said...

ooo, Rosie, you like melancholic music :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Gotta admit I don't know a lot of these. I'll have to check them out! :)

Budd said...

Sugar high is a guilty pleasure.

alexia said...

Great list - Liz Phair, R.E.M., Ani DiFranco - love it!

Tara said...

I was surprised not to have seen more Liz Phair around this fest. You've got a few new names I need to check out...

Arlee Bird said...

I not familiar with most of these songs, but I have a feeling that I would enjoy this playlist from what I know about the artists.

Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
Tossing It Out

Jennie Bailey said...

What a fantastic list!! I love Into the Woods - one of my favorite musicals. I did it in college. I was not the witch, though. Not enough talent. Baker's wife. "Just calm the child..." Oh, that took me back.

DiscConnected said...

Can't go wrong with Liz Phair and Ani DiFranco. And while the last one is not my favorite by Radiohead, "15 Steps" is a good one!

I'm going to have to check out Soul Coughing-I don't remember them.


Candyland said...

Interesting mix here! I love Liz Phair!

Lynda Young said...

I'm not so familiar with most of the songs on your list. um-ah. I need to branch out more ;)

Kelly said...

Love your banner on top with the beautiful green eyes!
Great list! My fave on your list is Man on the Moon. Listened to a lot of REM in the 90's!

VR Barkowski said...

Intriguing list that demonstrates I need to widen my musical horizons. I know only half the artists and, dare I say it? None of the songs. Ack!

Jennee said...

Great list! I'm not familiar with all of them but the ones I know are amazing songs!

Deniz Bevan said...

That's one of my favourite REM songs!

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