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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Hodgepodge

Places to go:
First, there have been some really awesome posts this week that I felt the need to share.  These aren't all the ones I was thinking about, but I'm a little slow today from too little sleep and too much in-class time.

And, without further ado...

How to become a better writer (Rachelle Gardner)

Undercooking a Novel (Nathan Bradsford; I think I love this one so much not just for the content, but because his example is beets.  Yum, beets!)

The Book Vixen's interview with Spoonful of Chocolate (I **LOVE** these things!  *swoon*)

Motivational ideas from Burrowers, Books & Balderdash

People to see:
I did leave the Burrowers' post for last intentionally—which had nothing to do with order of importance and everything to do with segue.

I think I mentioned this in at least three posts this week (indirectly), but I've been blind-rewriting a scene from my first novel.  The first critical reader of the story pointed out that my heroine is a little too under-flawed.  And, yes, it's true.  The first round showed her as a prissy, perfect goodie-goodie.  I knew there was something wrong, and how I didn't pick on this is still completely unclear to me, but that's what critical readers are for, right?

So, here's the question?  Anyone want to crit read my spicy, obscenely sexually-tense chapter?  I'd like to go over it a few more times before said limited release, but I think I'd be able to get it sent around by the middle of next week.

Food to eat:
Tonight on the menu, we have kale almond pesto.  It's fantastic.  I would highly recommend it.

Also, for any of you who like food (and don't tell me you don't like food because I won't believe you), I'm going to shamelessly promote my husband's food blog.  I want to draw your attention particularly to the salsa that's named after your truly :)


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