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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Odes To Those Which Sustain Us

This summer I've been taking intensive Macedonian (it's Slavic, not Greek, I promise).  A couple of weeks ago our instructor was trying to find videos on YouTube to show us how one of the national dishes of Macedonia—burek—is made.  It's pretty crazy, kind of like stretching unbreakable silly dough and then stuffing it with meat!

While we searched, we also came across this:

How AWESOME is it that Ali En—a Macedonian singer/rapper that my instructor has never heard of—dedicated an entire song to one food?  And not just any food.  I'm mean, we're not just talking about bread here.  It's a national dish, full of patriotic pride.  I can't really think of anything comparable for the US (apple pie, maybe?), but it would be like writing a song to shepherd's pie in Ireland, or mole in Mexico, or borshch in Russia.

The only other remotely ode-like song I can think of (help me out here, folks) is That's Amore, but that should hardly count because 1) it's about love, not food; 2) it references lots of different foods, not just one exalted dish; and 3) no one involved in the creation of the song was Italian.  While number 3 shouldn't make-or-break it, 1 and 2 do.

So, in honor of national foods, I have decided to dedicate the following Drabble (a story of exactly 100 words) to... the Polish Pierogi.


Oh, pierogi!
How I adore the smell of thee!
Let me count the ways
In which your potato filling
Upon my plate and tongue,
Or your sweet cheese stuffing
Slides down my throat
Like flower petals
Along my skin,
Or your ground meat
…oh, well, that generally makes me sick…
All topped with butter and
Smalec** and
Thick sour cream.

Or how about your sweet, fruity dessert-self
Filled with strawberries,
A sprinkle of sugar makes you
For my digestion.

Oh, most versatile and wondrous pierogi!
Your dough is so simple
And yet you taste so extraordinary!

**In this case, smalec is crispy, fried pork fat.  Think of tiny, chopped bacon bits without the meat part.

What songs/poems/stories do you know of that are dedicated to a particular food?  Is there a food you would like to pay tribute to?  Feel free in the comments section :)


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Wonderful poem! Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in on the fun.

arlee bird said...

I've only had perogies filled with mashed potatoes or cheese of some sort and I like those. The other fillings sound good too. Off hand can't think of any food poetry.

Tossing It Out

Lynda Young said...

The only food song I can think of is "Food, glorious food" I think it's from Oliver Twist. lol.

RosieC said...

arlee, dessert pierogi are the best. we once had some that were filled with dark chocolate and drenched in caramel. sinful, way too sweet, and wonderfully delicious. it is hard to get other than the potato kind in the US unless you find a good E European restaurant, but I know of a good one in Phoenix and a great one in Chicago if you're ever traveling.

Lynda, "Food, Glorious Food" is pretty good, all things considered. With as many times as I sang that in grade school choir, I'm surprised I didn't think of it (although, maybe I suppressed it :)

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