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Tuesday, July 6, 2010



What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend—with a camping trip and a bridal shower—wasn't.  Actually, the bridal shower was fine (minus one of those people who just keep talking and you try to walk away but they follow you to keep talking to you...  a pat-yourself-on-the-head, Seinfeld kind of moment).  And the camping was fine, too.  It was me that wasn't fine.

I am a chronic migraine sufferer.  In December I finally went off my daily, preventative medication that I had been taking for four years.  That was a huge breakthrough, to not need that anymore.  And, usually, I don't.  Since December, I've now taken three trips of note—one to a conference, one to visit family, and one camping.  And each trip has found me gripped by migraines almost every day.  Luckily, I have my Wünderdroge (sumatriptan to the rescue!), so normally this isn't much of a problem.  Get migraine, pop pill, stir, wait one hour, and serve up to social obligations.  No problem.  It does make me as loopy as a slinky, but hey, I'm not in pain.

So, Saturday?  No problem.  I drove with my migraine (it wasn't too intense yet) to the bridal shower (1hr 30m), and took it when I got close enough that the loopy after-effects wouldn't inhibit my driving.  Twenty minutes in to shower, and migraine was gone.  No one ever had to know.

Sunday?  Uh oh.  The pill I took yesterday was my last one.  And it's a long weekend.  And the pharmacy with my scrip isn't open on Monday...


So, I spent most of Sunday handling a slowly growing migraine, only tempered by over-the-counter baby meds.  I spent most of Monday lying on my couch with an ice pack on my head (it really doesn't do much, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something proactive).  Usually my migraines can last up to three days, so I was planning a trip to my walk-in clinic to ask for the insta-shot this morning.

The other thing about my migraines: if I don't move much, they're not quite so bad.  Bending over, shaking my head, walking can all cause spikes of pain.  But sitting on the couch or lying in bed make it "better".

So, grouchy?  Yes, I was pretty grouchy.  And so not only was my head kind of broken, but I also broke my pledge from Friday:  I opened Word.  It was easier to focus on the glowing screen than on the pages of the book, and I had had a few ideas over my two computer-free days.  Fifteen pages later, I have no idea if it's decent, and I don't care.  Sometimes you have to do things to help your soul, and I needed Anabelle and Marcus in my time of grouchy pain.

This morning, I got up later than expected, and my wonderful husband drove me the pharmacy.  The migraine wasn't as bad as the past two days, so I didn't think the shot was necessary.  I picked up my scrip and took a pill before I even left the place.  Then I went to class.  I couldn't concentrate, almost fell asleep, couldn't remember vocab in Macedonian that is IDENTICAL!!! to it's Russian AND Polish counterparts (which means I have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not knowing it).  And so I went home early and slept a few more hours.  And then spent some more time with A&M.

It's a fun scene, and there's a ridiculous amount of sexual tension.  Who wouldn't want to work on it?

Starting tomorrow, though, I'm going back to my pledge.  I will close Word.  I will not write about A or M.  I will read.  I will clear my mind for creativity.  And, to add to my pledge, I will study my Macedonian vocabulary.  I pledge this in the name of all the spirits who guide... well, not me, but Anabelle and Marcus.  They're the ones who need convincing, anyway, right?

But feel free to remind me.  I might need it.


Jan Morrison said...

ugh! migraines! I went through a period of time with many migraines but...knock on several forests...I haven't had one since I went through menopause.
I'm not sure why you aren't supposed to open word? Cuz you have school work to do? Ah well, when you cheat you do seem to be quite productive. Hmmmm...maybe I should tell myself that I can't work on my revision. That'll get me poppin'.

RosieC said...

I was trying a self-imposed writing break to replenish the reservoir. So, no Word. Unfortunately the school work is secondary. Haha. But you're right, cheating does seem to be working right now. :)

Hart Johnson said...

I followed you over from the Burrow blog--sorry to hear about the migraines! That stinks! And running out of medication when you are so busy just compounds it.

I take it the WRITING is a distraction from the STUDIES you are supposed to be doing? Those of us with the writing compulsion need to write, but I do get the 'meeting obligations first' so I wish you luck!

Cruella Collett said...

So sorry to hear about your migraines! I have never been diagnosed, but I get "headaches" that pretty much have all the symptomes of migraine, so that's probably it. Fortunately they are usually limited to one day max, and rest + painkillers will normally have me back on my feet after a few hours. I am absolutely useless to the world when it goes on, though, so I can only sympathize for you when they are lasting for days!

And I hear you on having a hard time keeping your pledge. Would you believe I almost opened my (now sent!) thesis document today?

Good luck letting the creativity flow (and boy, you must tell us more about these sexual tension fun scenes! *fans self*)!

JoseG said...

You can turn off word and I'll turn it on. Motivate each other right? Like how what we were going to do back in May? Hah! :-)

RosieC said...

--Hart, thanks for coming over. I've been enjoying catching up with various burrower blogs.

--Cruella, DON'T OPEN YOUR THESIS! Give it days of rest. In fact, don't even look at it again until your adviser sends it back to you. Fresh eyes...

--Jose, yes please! (see my next blog post...)

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