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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drabble Challenge

As mentioned yesterday, the folks over at the Burrow are starting a weekly Drabble contest (write a story of exactly 100 words based on a given picture and win the glory of being the Burrow's coolest groupie... oh, and they'll post it next week to encourage all the other groupies toward jealousy and better writing**).

**Disclaimer: my sarcastic words, not theirs.  And all sarcasm is due to the excitement of having a challenging writing prompt.

PS--This one was hard for me.  Not sure why.

Without further ado:

Conversation - Camille Pissarro

“Are you sure you need to leave?”
“I am.”
“But think of how it will affect mother.”
“She’ll be upset, I know.  But I won’t be gone forever.”
“What about father?”
“He’ll be fine.”
“He only did it because he loves you.”
“I know.”
“You’re really going to abandon Donald?”
“I don’t love him.”
“But everything’s arranged.”
“I know.”
“What should I tell him?”
“Anything you want.”
“Should I say you’re sorry?”
“I’m not.”
“But I could tell him…”
“And what about me?  Will you miss me?”
“Of course.”
“I love you, sissy.”
“I love you, too.  Goodbye, Ginger.”


Cruella Collett said...

Oooo - I won't comment on the actual drabble (since I may or may not have something to do with the judging....), but I am so happy you decided to join! And to spread the word - awesome! :)

(Okay, okay, I can't help it - love the drabble too!)

RosieC said...

OH! I hope you guys aren't blind-judging these. I can wait next week to put mine up until the contest time is closed. I didn't think about that. Sorry!

Cruella Collett said...

Nah - we're judging open-eyed, open-eared and sometimes we even forget to shut our mouths. And we do accept bribes :p

Don't worry about when you post them - we're thrilled that people are participating (and frankly - if you are willing to help us in the PR department, that is only good news for us).

*snort* The word verification was "shoot"...

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