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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Escape

This weekend I'm a bridesmaid for my college roommate.  Pictures will probably abound come Monday, especially since I'll finally be getting a haircut :)

As if I haven't already been delinquent enough in my blogoduties this week, the weekend forecast shows no relief.  Maybe at the hotel on Saturday afternoon before the wedding?  I have no idea what's in store for us—except that haircut.

I'm 20 pages to the end of Eat Pray Love, for those of you who're interested.  I will get my post up by Monday (or may they strike me down!).  Also, an award will show up, since I received one at the beginning of this week and haven't been able to post it.  It's coming.  I haven't forgotten.

As a parting note, I would like to leave you with this, courtesy of PhD Comics (comic #1352).

It doesn't only apply to the PhD, right?

Have a great weekend, folks!


Anonymous said...

Definitely doesn't just apply to working on your PhD. Hope you have fun at the wedding and keep your eye out for that ubiquitous "them". Darn blogger police! ;-)

Maria said...

Have a great time at the wedding. :)

DEZMOND said...

Oh, I hope they've got you a nice bridesmaid's dress :)

Hart Johnson said...

*teehee* Working in academia, I know how that can go... and War & Peace in 6 years is pretty good time...

Have a great time brides-maiding, and we will see you when you get back!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Have fun! I can't wait to see what you think of Eat Pray Love. I've heard varying opinions...

Al said...

No it doesn't apply to a PhD.

It would have taken me an awful lot longer to write war and peace!

Mari said...

Cool comic! I hope you have a great time at the wedding and your dress isn't, hum, bad, heh. Hunting for stories now. :)

Ann Best said...

I just found you on KarenG's (Coming Down the Mountain) blog. My daughter's favorite color is green, so she really likes this. So do I. And I love the quote by Jenny Lewis, and the blog banner. It's stunning. I love finding "young" bloggers. They keep me young! I remember when I was your age, and writing. I'm still writing, and after many decades I'm about to publish a book by WiDo Publishing. So I say to all those younger than me, which is about everyone here in blogger land! Keep writing!

I've heard so much positive about Eat Pray Love that I want to read it. I'll be curious to know what you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome time at the wedding and I LOVE the comic! I smiled when I read it! Tolstoy wrote WAR AND PEACE in six years, that's a fun fact to know!

Write on and thank you for following my blog!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I just found your blog through another blogging buddy. I enjoyed your post. Congrats on your award, and hope you have fun at the wedding :-))

LOL @ the comic :-D

Doris Plaster

Cruella Collett said...

I love that comic - a friend kept sending me those on Facebook (it also applies to master theses, apparently....).

Hope you're having fun at the wedding! :)

John Smith said...


I found you through the Blog Hop. I took a look around and thought that your blog is great! So I decided to follow you. Anyway, check out my blog as well: http://johnsmithbooks.blogspot.com/

Warmest regards,
John Smith (pen name)

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