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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Awards Abound!

First, I would like to thank Medeia again for passing an award along to me.  I passed it on earlier in my EPL post.

I also received another award recently from Cruella Collett, and boy did it make me giggle!  Thank you, Cruella.

The Rules:
The Bold Face Liar Creative Writer Award requires you to:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to them.

2. Add the award to your blog.

3. Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth. (Another variant: Tell six truths and one outrageous lie. YOU get to guess which variant I chose – and which statements are true, as well as which are lies.)

4. Nominate six creative liars –I mean writers– and post links to them.

5. Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.

Six + One
You decide if the six are true or false, and which one doesn't fit.  I'm not telling! :)

1.  When I was fifteen, I was fortunate enough to go on a vacation... ehem, "student ambassador" program to Europe.  While in London, we took a cruise down the Thames with the British prime minister.  And I fell asleep.  Oops!

2.  While studying abroad in Russia in 1999, I twice went on camping trips in the Caucasian mountains with a non-violent Chechan guide.  My parents were none to happy, since this was less than a month after the Chechan war had started (again...).

3.  Also during my semester in Russia, I had to sort out some banking troubles I was having.  Unfortunately my Russian was *cough* downright atrocious, but I hadn't asked anyone to accompany me.  I spent much too much time trying to convey to the woman at the bank what the problem was, and she treated me like an idiot with the mental capacity of a four-year-old due to my poooooooor Russian.  A woman behind me in line became so incensed by how long it was taking, she began hitting me with her oversized purse, screaming something to the effect of "If this were still the Soviet Union, I wouldn't have to wait behind..."  You can fill in the rest.  I ran away and returned a few days later with an interpreter.

4.  Pacifist that I am, I've been kangaroo hunting in New South Wales.  After someone shot a kangaroo that would become our dinner the next night, the kangaroo was tossed into the back of the pick-up with my friend and me, only to discover it wasn't actually dead yet...  It more or less had a seizure while my friend and I screamed.  The man driving got out of the truck and bashed the kangaroo's poor little head until it stopped again.

5.  I am a seasoned world traveler (or so I like to tell myself), and at least half of my travel abroad occurred before I turned 18, but the only country I was taken to by my parents was Canada.

6.  When I was a kid, I love wearing my roller skates.  I wore them everywhere (though my mom drew the line at church, but I tried).  While I was outside one day hanging out with the boys down the block, they dared me to climb the tree in one boy's front yard.  Of course I accepted the challenge since I didn't want to look like a wussy girl.  With my roller skates still strapped on tight, I got most of the way up before I fell and broke my arm.  I didn't get to keep my roller skates after that :(

7.  My family frequently drove to Lake Catherine in Arkansas when we lived in northern Louisiana.  When I was four, I had a life jacket that said "Little Fishy" on the back.  Strapped into my Little Fishy life jacket, my dad's friend convinced my parents to let me go water skiing on the tyke-sized skis he had for his own kids.  After much enthusiasm on my part, they couldn't possibly say no.  And, might I add, it was AWESOME!  I love water skiing.

Stop back on Friday for the big reveal as to what's true and what's not.

So, now I have to pass this on, huh?  Hmm...  I'm going to pass this on to a couple of new and awesome blogs I've founds recently that you should definitely check out.

Mel O. Dramatic at Whimsical Melgasms
Rafi at Escape from Apathy
Vatche at The Student Writer's Mind
Heidi at Drops of Ink
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Roland at Writing in the Crosshairs


Lynda Young said...

I can't begin to guess which one may not be true. They all sound way out there ;)

Jessica Lemmon said...

TOO FUN! I have an inkling on which is a lie, but I'll keep my opinions to myself for now... ;)

Jayne said...

Hello! Hm... I think the top one is false but the rest are true! Love the 'Little Fishy' life jacket. :)

RosieC said...

Lynda, if I told you that they each had at least one element of truth to them, what would you say? :)

Jessica, oh! My impatient mind wants to know!

Jayne, yes, I also adored that Little Fishy life jacket (this is not to give any indication as to the true or false nature of #7...). So you think the top one is false and all the rest are true?

Old Kitty said...

I thought I'd pop over to say hello to you and your lovely blog!

And congratulations with your fun award!!!! I'm hoping that the kangaroo one is a lie (fingers crossed!!LOL) and that no. 7 is the truth cos you just sound so happy and thrilled at that memory!

Take care

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations on your award.

I can't imagine which would be false or true. They're all incredible, true or not, so I can't wait until the big reveal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, RosieC, for the award! I greatly appreciate it! I will most definitely pass this award back onto others on Saturday for my next post.

Thank you a million more times and write on!

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