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Monday, August 23, 2010

Delusions of a Bloggy World

Do you schedule your posts?  
Or do you post when you finish writing?

"Overwhelmed" does not describe my blogged-out feeling this morning.  I spent my computer time this weekend writing instead of blogging or blogosphering.  Silly me to think that writing was more important!  What was I thinking?  Bad writer!  Bad!

Oh, wait.....

Anyway, this morning, I casually thought I could hop onto blogger and catch up. 

But, being Monday morning, and having more than twelve hours between my sleepy eyes and midnight GMT, I'm pretty sure every one of the 87,000 (rounding down) blogs that I follow had posted.  I couldn't even count the number of posts I needed to scroll through just to get to "1 hour ago". 

I know this goes both ways.  Some people think it's better to post in the morning.  These people (I assume, and please correct me) check their blog roll once or twice per day, and so if your post doesn't come up at the right time, they'll miss it.  But if everyone is posting at the same time, and you have 400 blog posts to read before breakfast, you can't possibly read them all.  Granted, for some blogs, if I miss them on my scroll, I'll seek them out.  But not all of them.  It would be impossible. 

So, beyond the questions above, how do you choose amongst the hundreds of blog posts published between 12:01 and 1 AM GMT (or any arbitrary hour-long period in any arbitrary timezone of a M/W/F morning)?  What makes you want to read a blog post?  What makes you pass one by?

Disclaimer: This post will be published upon completion.  Posts last week were scheduled.  I was riding the high from WriteOnCon, and wrote more blog posts in one day than anyone should tolerate.  Thus, scheduling.

PS—I would like to introduce you to one of my little muses.  She's a tiny monster who finds joy in knocking eggplants off the counter, chasing toy mice, bottle caps, and cherry tomatoes around the kitchen linoleum, and dreams of saving with world with the PowerPuff Girls.


LTM said...

LOL! Love your kitty~ I try to schedule my posts, but sometimes I have to sit down and write them on the spot to maintain my schedule. (Funny, those often are the best...)

As for keeping up? Well... I use Google Reader--do you? It helps w/scrolling through the new stuff.

It's tough! :o)

j.leigh.bailey said...

Love kitties! :D

I tend to schedule mine, but have been known to just type it and post it if a brilliant idea comes to me or if it's big news.

If I'm running short on time, I'll focus on a few individuals whose posts I always love/get a lot out of and then pick the others based on the title. If it looks fun or educational, I'll pop in. If it's announcing a contest or something like that, I'll skip it and maybe come back if I have time later.

Charity Bradford said...

I try to schedule my posts too, but sometimes you just have to share what's on your mind. In the past, I've bumped a scheduled post for something I wrote that day.

Blog reading is where I feel overwhelmed right now. I try and follow everyone who follows me, plus the agents and other awesome bloggers I would follow regardless. This means 200+ posts show up in my google reader a day. How do I read them all and still be a mom? Much less write and do the other things needed each day.

I don't. *gasp* I know. I skim through the list and read what catches my eye. It varies, but there are certain people I read every day because I've known them the longest. Posts that help me become a better writer, post sharing the authors writing journey, news about the publishing world, etc.

sometimes totally random stuff grabs my attention too. :)

Hannah Mariska said...

wow, i never even thought about it that much. does that make me a bad blogger?! is there blog etiquette...? perhaps i should try and find one.

like charity, random or more personal stuff normally grabs me. plus theres always people you can trust on for a good blog...like yourself of course! :)

RosieC said...

LTM, I haven't been using Google Reader, but the blog scroll on the dashboard. I just looked at Google Reader, and DUDE it is so much easier. Why haven't I been doing this before? Thanks for mentioning it.

J. Leigh, that's more or less what I've been doing, too, but sometimes it's just so hard to decide. Argh. I want to see the people who see me, too!

Charity, I can't imagine all of it with kids, too. I'm so impressed by everyone who can keep up with it. I have horrible time management issues, so it just gets worse :) I need to be a better skimmer, that's for sure! Good luck :)

RosieC said...

Hannah, that doesn't make you a bad blogger at all! I'm just cranky today :) I suppose there is something along the lines of blog etiquette, but I don't have any idea what it is. So if you find, it let me know :) And thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my posts.

Cold As Heaven said...

I follow about 5 blogs regularly, and another 5 occationally. That's manageable.

Regarding my own blogging, I have no plan, no schedule, no ambitions. I post whenever I want about whatever I want, just for fun >:)

Cold As Heaven

RosieC said...

CAH, that's a good way to handle your blog. I normally do that, expect the day I wrote 4 blog posts in one day. I didn't think the rest of you guys would appreciate it! Heh.

KarenG said...

I scroll through Dashboard when I've got time to read & comment. If I have a lot of time, I get thru more blogs, and just keep going. Not as much time, and I go to the ones with the topics that interest me the most at the moment.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I read on google reader. If it is a post where only the summary gets filted through, I decide if I want to read or not, otherwise, I either properly read or skim read.
Whatever I do, I read far more posts than I actually comment on.

M.J. Nicholls said...

There is a lot of pressure to remain "in the loop" with blogs. I can't possibly keep up with daily bloggers, though I admire them, so I usually comment on those twice or thrice a week. Other bloggers on my roster who are sensible and I like I always try to comment on. OK, that sentence needs to die.

Claudia said...

Hi Rosie,
First all all, I love your kitty cat. She looks like mine. Same fur and size ;)
To answer your questions. I check other blogs whenever I have time. Not all of them are on my blogroll but I have them under my favorites in a folder. So I check them one by one and reply to those who have a new post (and I also comment if I like the topic). I pretty much leave comments on the blogs of my loyal readers (which by now, I already know who they are). When I join a blog, I make sure I'm joining because I'm going to commit, to be a regular. I'm careful who I choose. Thank heavens not everyone is so diligent with their postings, otherwise I wouldn't be able to go to work ;)

RosieC said...

Karen, that's a good way to go about it, but sometimes I feel guilty for skipping so many.

Rayna, I also read far more than I comment on. Sometimes I don't have anything to say. We'll see how well Google Reader works for me.

MJ, no kidding about the pressure to keep up with everyone. And your sentence doesn't need to die. Every sentence is viable, some just need to go to rehab :)

Claudia, thanks. I love her, too, but she is a terrible monster! That's a great idea, being sure that you want to commit before joining a blog. I feel honored that you've come to visit me, then :)

Franklin Beaumont said...

I've never really thought about scheduling posts. I don't really know off hand when most bloggers habitually post. I just post when I'm finished, and try to browse the dashboard once a day. I guess I could get more views to my posts If I was more strategic, but I barely have enough time as it is.

Your cat is very nice, BTW.

RosieC said...

Franklin, I'm not entirely sure that it matters, honestly. If everyone follows as many blogs as I do, then it's hit or miss and the time doesn't matter :)

PS--She's cute, but it's purely deceptive. She's definitely a monster.

Michelle said...

I post when the mood strikes me. I lost all of my followers when I stopped blogging a while ago and now I have this blog for my writing, so it's rebuilding in a way. I don't pay attention to when I post. I follow only a few really good blogs. I really enjoy blogs (like yours) where the author is personal... I love reading ah ha moments and struggles and triumphs of writing.

RosieC said...

Michelle, I was wondering about what you said in your most recent post about starting over with the blog.

And thanks. I enjoy yours, too :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I was posting every day, but it was too much. I think I am going to post on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays...(because lots of people post on MWF) This will give me time to read and respond to each person who comments on my blog and to read everyone else's posts...and write and read...I posted today on how people respond to comments on posts. I see that you respond in your comments. I like responding via email. I'm faster at typing a reply email that a comment (plus there is a spell check and you never get booted off). So right now I kind of reply both ways...individually to those who have it set up that way on their profiles or on my comments for those who don't...plus visiting commenters blogs.

Have a great week....Be kind to yourself....remember your blog is a tool to help you connect with writers and readers. It's not supposed to take away from your writing. ;-)

Boonie S said...

Your little muse looks like she sleeps from one catastrophe to the next.
I don’t schedule blog posts. It all sounds too clinical to me. But I always write them at least 12 hours before posting, and review them just before posting. They always look completely different then.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Lynda Young said...

When I'm organised I preschedule my posts (I haven't been organised the last couple of weeks). I try to post in my mornings.. in Oz, that means it's evening for my American blogging friends. I seem to get the most responses, the earlier the better.

As for which blogs I check out, I have to be choosey. I run two blogs with more than a 100 followers each. That's a LOT of blogs. So I tend to stick to the blogs that truly interst me and the blogs that have shown kindness, encouragement (etc) to me. I try my hardest to be consistent, but I can't always do it. :(

Hart Johnson said...

I schedule my weekday ones (unless for some reason I don't get it done)--I have some (probably mistaken) belief that if it is morning both HERE and in Europe, that I have a better chance of being read. I have them go up at 3am East Coast time (8am UK/9am continent).

I READ going up from where I stopped yesterday on the weekdays (I rarely get much read weekends)--skipping some stuff on Monday and Tuesday until I catch up, but almost all of it the end of the week. On MONDAY though, I start at the top and go down as far as I can get instead... It makes sense in my mind... It is really just that I'd never catch up if I tried to read ALL the weekend stuff...

(luff your kitty!)

Jemi Fraser said...

Your kitty is gorgeous!

It's impossible to keep up - especially on Mondays. So many people post on Mondays!

I try to read as many as I can - but once school starts I'm going to have to make a schedule of some kind... I HATE schedules.

RosieC said...

Sharon, T/Th/Sat seems like a good schedule for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Good idea. Thanks. I tend to reply more this way, but sometimes I'll send personal replies. I do that in case anyone else is interested in my reply, too.

Boonie, she is a heavy sleeper--just not when *I* want to sleep :)

Lynda, it's definitely hard to keep up with people. A good post title helps, I think. And, yes, hopefully the post is interesting, too.

Hart, that's probably a good strategy for getting to those on both sides of the pond. The weekends are hard. I really want to be writing on the weekends, but I have a tendency to get distracted.

Jemi, thanks. She knows she's pretty, too! Heh. Can't say I'm a huge fan of schedules, either... at least when I'm not the one in charge of them :)

Josh said...

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RaShelle said...

Ah, your kitty is a cutie. I'm so random Rosie. I try to post every other day. I have no specific time and I'm a complete and total nut. Basically. Plus, I'm a huge help, too. LOL =D

Anonymous said...

Your little muse has the same coloring as mine.

I post one or twice a week. I don't pay attention to the time. But some people say to post around lunch time because the post will get the most exposure.

RosieC said...

Josh, I haven't given away anything so far, and I don't know if I will in the near future, but thanks for the invite.

RaShelle, I think random is good. I'm pretty sure I think too much about these things.

Medeia, great kitties look alike! :) Maybe only once or twice per week is a good thing.

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