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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekend Calls

This is officially my last weekend of summer before classes begin on Monday.  Many of our friends have returned, and so people are excited to get together before the grind starts in earnest.

In other news, I still have no good formula for balance.  I'm working on it.  Google Reader is helping, but it feels so impersonal without the cool layouts.

What else?  Oh!  My totally awesomely amazing friend Rory, who you may remember from the wedding we were in a few weeks ago, sent me a page from her Vanity Fair.  While we were waiting to have our hair and makeup done, she and I flipped through a couple of magazines, chatting about this and that.  She was in mid-sentence, but my enthusiasm got the better of me, and I twisted the magazine around to show her an ad and said, "This looks exactly like one of my characters."  Then, distracted by, oh, the WEDDING, I forgot about it until I got home.  When I tried to find a picture of the same woman online, it was obviously impossible since I didn't know her name or even the ad she was in, only that it was in the Vanity Fair with Lady Gaga on the cover.  In a moment of desperation, I emailed Rory and asked her to mail me the picture.  And she did!!  Thank you, Rory! Rawr! :)

PS—Having the ad in hand doesn't make it any easier to find it online to share with you.  If you care, it's from the Lady Gaga issue.  It's a Banana Republic ad on the left-hand page.  The woman in the ad is holding a black umbrella and is wearing a gray sweater and pink blouse.  She's a beautiful redhead with freckles and blue eyes. If you find an electronic copy of the ad, PLEASE let me know.  I keep my pictures together in a file on my computer for when I'm not at home, and I don't know when I'll be able to use a scanner next.

In other writing-related happenings, I recently joined an online critique group and it's awesome.  I've not only gotten some fabulous feedback, but I've had a chance to review other people's work and learn from their positives and negatives.  The folks are great, balancing the critiques with the good and the needs-improving.  Luck is what I can attribute to it.

One of the "events" from the group is finishing our word-count goals by the end of September.  This should prove interesting.  I have the original MS, which is close to 150K, but I'm changing a few things in the plot and rearranging certain events, and hoping to end up around 90-100K before more editing and cutting.  I'm currently at 34K, but since I'm reusing some of the old MS, I do have less than 66K to go in a month.  I'm thinking about adding a ticker to the sidebar, but I'm not sure where to get one.  Any suggestions?

How about you?  Any great writing news to share?


Summer Ross said...

I'm going to try NaNo again...thats my only real news until the 15th of sept when my poem gets published. :)

Lynda Young said...

I'll be doing NaNo as well for the first time this year. And -- huge news for me -- I finished my first draft!! I am sooooooo happy.

Jemi Fraser said...

I don't know anything about the ticker widgets - I'm NOT the best when it comes to technical/html questions... :)

Good for you for finding a crit group - they're amazing!

RosieC said...

Summer, I know! I'm waiting to see it. Congrats again :)

Lynda! Woohoo! Congrats on finishing the draft.

Jemi, thanks. I'm really happy to have found them... or to have had them find me, as it were. It's been nothing but positive.

Boonie S said...

My formula for balance is A = B = everything else. I hope that helps.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Cruella Collett said...

Have I not told you that Googling is my superpower?

Since I have absolutely nothing else to do (ignoring the fact that it is two months till my entire thesis must be done...), I spent my morning flexing said superpower.

Now, I might be wrong, but unless there are other red haired, blue eyes, pink shirted, gray sweatered, black umbrella holding girl in an August 2010 Banana Republic ad, I am pretty sure I found her. Her name is Cintia Dicker, and the blog I found her on is here:


RosieC said...

Boonie, I'll see if I can make that work for me :)

Cruella, um, YOU'RE AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much, my extreme Google Goddess! I've never been one much for having Googling superpowers. It's nice to know there are people out there who can save the Google day!

Thank you!! :)

Hart Johnson said...

It's so interesting that some people need an exact picture for their characters and others really don't. I have images of a few people, and not others, but I prefer it a little more vague.

YAY for your critique group and good luck getting your story in order this month, even with the class starting and all that!

(glad Mari found the ad for you!)

LTM said...

umm... I feel my writing train squeaking to life.

I actually had the strangest experience--for the first time I saw a picture in a magazine and got an idea for a character. Isn't that weird?

I guess that's where the whole "muse" idea comes from... :D

good luck~

Hannah Mariska said...

glad you found a critique group...definitely need to look for one too.

let us know how it goes!

RosieC said...

Hart, I don't have to have the pictures, but they do help. I know that none of them are exactly what I have in mind, but having something concrete gives me something to latch on to. Thanks for the writing wishes. I'm really excited about the group.

Leigh, I think it's great that you got a character idea from a picture, and I don't think that's weird at all. I pine for the day that happens to me :) Congrats!

Hannah, good luck with your search. There's one out there for each of us :)

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