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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Return

I've managed to find my way back after my sabbatical and have lots of updates for you.

First, if you check out my BuNoWriMo counters to the right, you'll see that I've had great success in the writing department. If I can finish my latest draft of Fighting Fate and get 10K on Seer, I will have written 50K in June. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed, but I think it's possible.

If you'd like to see the first 250 words (well, more like 280) of Seer, it will be posted on Carol Rigg's blog sometime today. Go over, help critique, make comments, or just read and tell me how awesome (or horrible) it is :)

Now that I've had some time away, I feel rejuvenated in the blogging department. In addition to having several fun blog posting ideas in my brain (see below for a few examples), I've also reorganized my Google Reader to help me visit my peeps more often. I'm still working on catching up with all my new followers from A-to-Z, so bear with me. The blogging front, though, looks quite promising.

In the next couple of weeks, I have some exciting things planned.
  • On Friday, I'll be participating in the Getting to Know Your Characters Blogfest, hosted by Elizabeth Mueller and Jeannie Campbell
  • On Sunday, Sasha Conte is hosting the Blogfest... Interrupted.
  • On Monday, stop by to read my review of Veiling in Shadows by fellow blogger Al Russell
  • Coming sometime in the month of July I will post my review of A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. I've joined the Goodreads bookclub for it, and can't wait to dig in. 
  • I'm also planning (tentatively) a review of the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson. The popularity of these books drove me to read them, and as I've developed as a writer and read other comments about them on Goodreads, I have discovered lots of things I want to say about them. 
I also have ideas for non-review posts, so stay tuned.

Finally, I returned from my trip to find this in my mailbox:

EEK! I'm so excited. My first ARC. I'm participating in Michelle Davidson Argyle's book tour to celebrate the release of Monarch in September. I can't wait to dig into this one, either.

Oh, and the reunion? It was great. We had fun seeing all kinds of family, and getting outside a bit. Here's a tidbit, straight from the land of corn :)

How have you been? Any fun things to share? What have you read lately, or what do you have lined up next?

PS--Today is my hubby's and my 9th wedding anniversary. I love you, J!


Christine Murray said...

Welcome back, and congrats on the fantastic writing month!

Siv Maria said...

Good job, afraid I am lacking in both departments. This month has been full of unexpected surprises. Oh well, thats life. Glad you are back and looking forward to reading more from you :)

Carol Riggs said...

Awww, Happy Happy anniversary to you and the hubbs! Cool cover for the MONARCH! Love it.

And yup, your excerpt is up on my blog now. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Welcome back! And FABULOUS writing progress--YAY for that! And congrats on the ARC--so much fun! Glad you are feeling rejuvenated!

KarenG said...

Happy Anniversary! And well done on getting so much done with BuNoWriMo!

Summer Ross said...

Congrats to your 9th! Sounds like you have some great posts lined up! I have lots of homework planned. :)

Al said...

Welcome back.
50,000 words in June? Well done!
Happy anniversary.
Thank you for the shout out.

What a busy post

Jules said...

Hey stranger, nice to to see you again. And WOW what progress you have made. Big congrats on the 9th! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jan Morrison said...

Hi! You're here! yay! Sounds like you've been busy and double triple yay for all the writing you've done. Tomorrow is the ninth anniversary for me and my sweet patootie! How odd.

DEZMOND said...

looks like you've charged your batteries, Rosita :) PS did you know that in Serbian and Macedonian your name is Ruzha :)

MONARCH looks very intriguing! And it seems it has a good visual marketing.

Anonymous said...

So many updates. Monarch looks like an awesome book. Happy writing to you!

JoseG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JoseG said...

Happy anniversary (still!) I love you to!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Yay for getting your ARC! I'm SO excited for you to read it, and I hope you enjoy it! And you got a great Witch Song bookmark, too. Sweeet. :)

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