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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blogfest... Interrupted

Today I'm participating in Blogfest...Interrupted, hosted by Sasha Conte. Thanks, Sasha, for hosting. 

On Saturday, June 26th, post a 500-1000 word scene of your characters being interrupted - doesn't matter what they're doing, doesn't matter what's interrupting them (end of the world, knock on the door, little voice in their head...), they just need to be interrupted.

So, here we go. This is an excerpt from my WIP, Fighting Fate. It's raw, not super well edited, and rather first-drafty. But, nonetheless, people are getting interrupted. All comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy it :)

Marcus arrived in his suite and glanced around. Of course he had maid service, but he still straightened a few pillows on the couches. He walked into his bedroom, making sure again that he had tidied it enough. He hadn’t felt this nervous going to Anabelle’s home. Why was he so restless now?

Finally the door to his suite opened and then shut again. He heard voices, “Is it okay now?” “Yes.” “No cameras?” “No cameras.”
Anabelle and Lily began to materialize, at first translucent, until the invisibility subsided.
“Marc?” Roger’s voice sounded from nowhere.
Of course. It was Marcus’s spell, so he had to be the one to remove it. It disappeared faster than Anabelle’s spell had, and from top to bottom as if a sheet had fallen off.
Once he became visible, Lily smacked his elbow. “You scared the frut out of me. How dare you sneak up on us all invisible like that.”
“What else should I have done?”
“I don’t know, but not that.”
Roger glared at her for a moment before turning to Marcus. “Something’s a-buzz. I kept getting calls on my headset, but couldn’t respond. I need to go check in and see what’s going on.”
“Fine,” Marcus said. “Go. We’ll be here.”
“Great,” Lily said. “Leave me behind as third wheel.”
Roger shut the door a little too hard behind him.
“You’re not third wheel,” Anabelle said.
As she spoke the words, however, her eyes told a different story. Marcus couldn’t believe how lucky he was that this beautiful commoner had had enough gumption and enough personal magic to find him, even if she hadn’t wanted to meet him. And here she stood in his suite again. Fate had played in his favor this time.
“Can I give you a brief tour?” he asked.
“I’d like that,” Anabelle said.
Lily rolled her eyes. “Oh, give me a break.”
Anabelle slipped her hand through Marcus’s elbow and he led her around. He had three more rooms off of the main sitting room: his den, Roger’s office, and his bedroom. He showed her the rooms in that order, ending in the bedroom. He slipped the door shut behind him.
“It’s very big,” she said.
“I’ve heard that before.”

She shoved his chest playfully, and he grabbed her hands, pulling her close. He loved the feel of her body against pressed against his, her lips against his. Pressure hit him in two solid points against his chest where she had the stones tucked inside her bra. How had he gone so many years without her embrace? He couldn’t imagine—

A heavy knock beat against the door. “Marc! Get out here. Now.”

She pulled away. “Is that Roger?”

He would so lay into Roger later. What could be so important as to interrupt them? And so rudely?

The knock came again, louder this time. “Marc!”

Marcus felt his nostrils flare. “Coming.” He inhaled deep into his lungs before leading Anabelle out into the sitting room. “What?”

Roger and Natalie stood outside the door. Natalie said, “You are in some serious kruk right now.” Roger shoved something against his chest. Marcus took it and unrolled the newspaper—tabloid, really—until he saw the cover photo.

Any guesses as to what's in the photo?


Blake said...

"serious kruk" <-- love your turn of phrase! And that's not a very nice interruption, is it? I imagine whatever the tabloid has on the cover is bad, bad news.

Thank you for sharing this, and it's nice to meet you.


(who's now following...)

Sash said...

oooh magic! Very cool. I particularly like the disappearing/appearing acts!

Thank you for joining in on my first ever blogfest, I hope you had fun!



Cold As Heaven said...

Think I have a suitable scene ready, from my so-called novel (sometimes in progress); just need to translate it to English >:)

Cold As Heaven

Rose Wade said...

I like this one. But, I give up..what's in the photo? :-)

Natasha Hanova said...

Great, now I want to skip ahead. :-)

Love your characters.

The Golden Eagle said...

I have no idea what's in the photo! But I'm curious to know. :)

Great entry!

Trisha said...

Love this blogfest idea :) Very cool!

David Jace said...

The photo: Him, half invisible; her, half undressed; and the rumors only half right! The rabble can't decide which is more scandalous: the girl, or the magic. The Royal Court may never be the same!

At least, that's my guess!

Dentist West Hollywood said...

Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the review and hope I don't skip ahead to know what happens. I've always been interested in history wars so this sounds great. Thanks!

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