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Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting to Know Your Characters Blogfest

Welcome to my entry for the Getting to Know Your Characters Blogfest, hosted by Elizabeth Mueller and Jeannie Campbell. Thanks to both of them for hosting and the great idea behind it.

Rules: Pretend you are your MC and answer all three of the following questions.

Preface: (by Rosie)
Anabelle fought me on this. She did not want to answer these questions, and she didn’t want to feel psychoanalyzed. She just wanted to get on with her life and pretend like everything was normal instead of talking about fears and accomplishments and regret. I hope I’ve persuaded her, and she’s not jerking me around here.

Name: Anabelle Michelle Lindsky
Age: 19

Question 1: What is your greatest fear? 
Being alone and being abandoned. In my life, I only have two people, my mother Betsy and my best friend Lily. My father died when I was a baby, or maybe before I was born—my mother’s never been very clear on the matter, and I can’t ask her about it because it’s too hard for her to talk about. I see the pain she goes through every day after having the love of her life snatched away from her, and I know I can’t endure what she does. I try not to let people into my life, though that got turned on its ear and I’ve had no choice. All I can hope is that I withstand the coming events without losing my loved ones.

Question 2: What is your biggest accomplishment?
Ha! Okay. This is great. Lily and I got to start wearing bras in fourth grade, whether there was anything to hold in place or not. Nothing was more important than wearing one, at least among the girls. The boys made fun, of course, because that’s what boys do. And there was this guy, Lionel Davis. He told all the other boys that I had let him see my bra during recess. The next day a bunch of boys from our class cornered me on the way outside after lunch, asking to see my bra. I sucker punched one in the gut, and refused. Of course, if Lionel had gotten to see it, why couldn’t they? I ran away.

No, that’s not the accomplishment. Hold on!

The next day I was so angry. The boys kept teasing me, loud enough for the teacher to shush them. I wanted to die, I was so embarrassed. At lunch, I found a pack of Hostess cupcakes in my lunch, and felt the peck of inspiration, and then made the fateful mistake of whispering the idea to Lily. She found it so hilarious that when I hesitated, she dared me to do it. “What?” she asked, “Are you chicken?”

Lionel sat two tables away. I stood, a cupcake in each hand behind my back, and marched over. I told him to get up, that I had something to show him, which inspired lots of ooooohhs and aaaahs from both the girls’ and boys’ tables. The girls behind me could see what I had in my hands, but the boys couldn’t. Lionel stood, a huge grin on his face. In retrospect, he probably had a crush on me, but it wouldn’t last long. When he faced me, I shoved each of the cupcakes against his chest, smearing brown cake all over his white polo shirt. I mounded the cupcakes as best I could and stood back. “Looks like you need your own bra,” I said, “so quit trying to look at mine.”

I got suspended for three days. My mom wouldn’t talk to me for days without yelling. She had to take off work one day because she couldn’t afford a babysitter. I felt horrible for disappointing her, but something had to be done.

On the other hand, that was the first dare I’ve ever taken from Lily. I’ve never refused a dare since. I just try to make sure my dares don’t affect my mom the way the first did.

Question 3: What is your biggest regret?
This is hard one to answer because I have quite a few. I regret not using magic on Lionel Davis to make those brown cupcake mounds stick, because they fell off before the principal arrived. I regret going to prom with Sammy Gilespie because of his grabby fingers and post-prom expectations. I regret turning James Bunnell down when he asked me to prom because Lily had wanted him to ask her (but so had I, and then neither of us went with him).

But, I guess if I have to pick just one, my biggest regret would be not enjoying time with my mom as much as I should. I love my mom, of course, but when I was in high school I didn’t think it was cool to hang out with her. Now that I’m in college, I don’t see her much even though I live at home. I just wish I’d appreciated my time with her before my life turned upside down.

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What about you? What are your characters' biggest fears, accomplishments, or regrets?


Carol Riggs said...

Ha, that was especially interesting since I've read about Anabelle in her ever-morphing novel. ;o)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Interesting accomplishment!
Enjoying all the entries in the blogfest.

Lauracea (Sue R) said...

This is a great idea, isn't it? :)
Your MC sounds smart and I'm so sorry for her regret.

salarsenッ said...

I think my MC and yours would get alone, especially with the abandonment issue. And bras...heck, that's an accomplishment. :)

Raquel Byrnes said...

LOL! That was great! Cupcakes to the white shirt. That'll teach him. :)
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Elizabeth Mueller said...

You go girl! I wouldn't give my girl the silent treatment for defending her virtue--I would laughed out loud like I just did, but tell her there are other ways to handle such things.

She's such a fun character, my Winter suffers the same fears, too!

Thanks for participating!

Luv your header <3

Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Way to go on the cupcakes! They have to be taught a lesson somehow. Oh, wait, er, that was naughty of you? Nah, I prefer my first reaction. Fun~!

JoseG said...

Badass.... And love the name Lily. :-)

Christine Tyler said...

Excellent voice. Gosh, the pranks take me back for sure. This might be my favorite from the blogfest.

alexia said...

I can tell you know this character well! Very spunky, I love it! If I were her Mom, I'd totally high-five her for the cupcakes.

Susan Kane said...

I really like Anabelle--the bra thing, punching out the guy, the cupcakes. She is spunky.

Jules said...

Now that I have some insight into your character... my kind of girl! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Al said...

A brilliant idea for a blogfest!

I can't imagine any of my main characters agreeing to to participate. So well done you getting anything out of Anabelle.

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