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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodreads Reading Challenge

One cannot be a writer without reading. But how much do you read?

I don't normally pay attention to how much I read. I read what I like (and things that I don't like—usually for school), but I don't think to myself, "Oh, it's already March and I've only read 27 books." Or whatever. I can't even tell you if that's a lot or a little. I also tend to read multiple things at once, which adds to the confusion.

I would like to challenge myself by setting a goal for the year, but I don't have any idea what kind of arbitrary number to assign myself for 2011.

So my question is this: If you were doing this for yourself, how would you decide the number? Just say 52, i.e., 1 per week? Through a dart at the board for how many you would read in a month? Pick a number from a hat? Or something more "scientific"?

Thanks :)


LTM said...

One a week might be a bit high, yes? maybe one every two weeks? It depends on how you like to approach goals... :D

good luck w/it~

Misty Waters said...

Oh Lord. I have no idea! I tend to go a couple months without reading at all, but some I'll devour tons! Good luck!

Hart Johnson said...

I think you also want to factor in a couple other things: WHAT are you reading. War & Peace does NOT equal The Great Gatsby, even if they are both classics, simply due to LENGTH (one being 5X the other) and neither of those is as quick and mindless a read as say... a nice chick-lit or romance (or even a Grisham that just keeps pulling you through)

AND does reading compete with writing? When I am EDITING all my reading time is reading my own darned stuff with a pen in hand. But when I am writing, I have reading time I couldn't possibly be writing... BUT... were I not writing at ALL I'd have an extra 90 minutes a day I'd probably be reading (or watching TV but we won't go there). Without the editing, I'd say I am a book a week girl, but I'd say given my plans to editing this year, I'd stick with maybe 25 or 30--I am keeping track... (of the books I read to edit or beta, too)

Jules said...

I tend to read what others hate, i.e. instruction books, history books, etc.. So to pick a number? I would think in lieu of a number I would prefer exchanging habits. Books over tv/tele or reading while riding.

May work who knows. Good luck with how ever you go :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Carol Riggs said...

Gah! A book a week? I'd never get any writing done. I DO need to read more in my genre though, more YA. Even out of YA I suppose, but at least more YA. I usually write for a few months, then go on a reading binge, so it wouldn't be spread out.

If I had to pick a number, I'd say more like...15-20 for the whole year. If that. Bad me, perhaps. LOL

Anonymous said...

I read 119 books last year, but I only started ereading last spring.

So since I'm starting off with ereaders--which have increased my reading rate--I made my 2011 challenge 150 books.

DEZMOND said...

it's sad but it's true - I don't read at all! Being a professional book translator it means that I spend around 8 hours translating a book every day which leaves me no time nor energy for reading anything else :(((

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