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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Social Networks

Yup, that's plural. This post is not about the movie (which I haven't seen).

I first heard about social networking (though it wasn't called that) maybe years ago with Friendster. I created an account, invited some other friends to join, and then had no idea what to do with it. I let it sit there, and finally closed that account about a year ago.

When we got to the university, I opened a Facebook account. This was back in the day when only people with a .edu email address could get an account. Back in the day when each status update automatically started with "is". It was fun keeping up with my friends and making up gerunds and bad progressive-tense constructions ("is liking" *blech*) to create sensible status updates beyond "is in the library". Posting pictures inspired me to take more pictures in the age of the digital camera. All in all, I could easily keep up with it, and was liking it quite a lot :)

Today, however, Facebook isn't enough. For me, I also have this lovely blog, a Twitter account, an account on Ravelry (for lovers of fiber arts), SparkPeople (for those needing a cyber fitness community... this is usually the first to be forgotten by me) and Goodreads. Each one is different (although, I swear I will never full understand Twitter) and serves a different purpose.

But recently, I've been getting more invitations to other networks. Select2gether (I'm pretty sure this one is just spam, though). LinedIn. Academia.com. But where do you draw the line? The people who invited me for the latter 2 are good friends and reputable people, but I can't figure out how these networks are any different from what I've already got.

How do you social network? Where do you draw the line? Or is there no line to draw? Should we all participate in everything with the hopes of inspiring those heavy book sales someday? And if you use a number of different networks, how do you manage everything?


Theresa Milstein said...

We only have so much time. Besides, the thing I like about FB is nearly everyone is on there. If we water it down, it's hard to communicate with everyone at once. Facebook, Goodreads, and my blog is good enough. I know if I join Twitter I'll never write, so I've avoided it... so far.

Talli Roland said...

For me, each social medium has a different advantage. But you're right. There's only so much time, and sometimes I just need to close the lid on it all and live in the real world!

Heidi said...

I had just Facebook for the longest time, and then added Blogger. But Facebook wasted too much of my time, they have questionable privacy policies, and I figured that there were other, better ways to keep in touch with my friends. So I got rid of it. (Best decision ever.)

I got Twitter when my friend cajoled me into it, but I see Twitter and Blogger as networking tools, while Facebook was purely for people I've met in real life. Twitter and Blogger are great for finding connections (such as within the writing community).

Hart Johnson said...

I'm still a big giant fan of blogs. I LOVE facebook for keeping up with people I know, but don't think it is enough interaction to GET to know people... I ALSO like the group function though, for events and such--collecting people say, from the blogosphere to coordinate something where it is easier to all discuss in the same place...

I don't really get Twitter either--I know it is because I am not trying hard enough, but I still only use it to promote blogs (mine and others) (though I have caught a few #askagent convos, and those are cool.)

I signed up today at amwriting.org... we'll see if it is anything... I have done that a lot and most don't turn out to be much. Yeah... I still love the blogosphere best...

Anonymous said...

I'm a facebook, twitter, blogger, goodreads person myself. I think four is pretty good, right?

I think it's just whatever you enjoy :D I tried tumblr but never quite got used to it.

Jules said...

I am still confused why some of this is called social. I do not care what people had for breakfast or they need a field plowed. I do however, enjoy meeting all of you lovely people in blogville. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Carol Riggs said...

I have a blog, a website, LinkedIn, JacketFlap...I guess that's it. Right now I'm drawing the line with NO Facebook or Twitter. Yeah, I don't like to be limited in my writing if I want to blab on and on, so being limited to 140 characters on Twitter would be really difficult!

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