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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Top Twenty

Rory and Jennie are my superstars right now!  I emailed Rory on Wednesday, asking if she could help me with the twenty titles of books in a YA romantic/fantasy vein, and she's already responded.  She's done this in the midst of starting her library's summer reading program and, well, having a life.  And Jennie, being an expert in the genre (apparently, since I didn't know this before) helped with the list. So, I say...


And here's the list:

1. Book of a Thousand Days
2. A Northern Light
3. Tender Morsels
4. Evernight
5. Lips Touch: Three Times
6. Possession
7. The Kind of Friends We Used to Be
8. City of Bones
9. Perchance to Dream
10. Graceling
11. Before Midnight
12. A Great and Terrible Beauty
13. Brightly Woven
14. Madapple
15. The Silver Metal Lover
16. The Iron Daughter
17. Sunshine
18. Wicked Lovely
19. Trickster's Queen
20. How I Live Now

Now I really just need to get my ass in gear and work on my own word-webs.

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