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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Don't Give Up Your Day Job

This is advice that I should actually listen to.  For the past month since classes ended, I have: written, rewritten, edited, rewritten, started something new, weeded the jungle that is our back patio, rewritten, played on Facebook, rewritten, and started looking at literary-related blogs.  Where in there do we see anything about writing one of those three papers I had planned for the summer or working on the freelance book-editing jobs that I agreed to?  Hmm...

So today, exactly 4 weeks since I turned in my last project of the semester, I decided to get back to work.  I left my house--always a big help to get away from the scene that sucks me back to Anabelle all the time--and went to the public library.  Bear in mind, I never spend more than 15 minutes in the public library (tsk!), and when I do, it's usually in the CD section (double tsk!).  If I want a book, I usually request it a couple of days in advance so the staff will pluck it off the shelf for me and all I have to do is go to the desk, hand them my card, and leave again.  Lazy much?

Oh, but not today.  First thing I did was actually try to find books on my own.  While it doesn't help that the library seems to be under renovations right now, that wasn't really the issue.  The fact is that I've never had to find the fiction section before, and I thought that the YA section would be in the Children's area.  Wrong!  As I was walking around down there, I thought, "If I were 15 and looking for a YA book, I'd be pretty sprickin' pissed if I had to go to the kiddie area."  So, off on the hunt again.  I finally found the fiction, first stumbling accidentally upon the YA, which led to the adult, SciFi, Mystery, etc.  *whew*  That was rough.  At least now I know for next time.

Okay, so, check out, pick up the CD we had on hold, and then off to the silent reading room (in which I am currently making a lot of noise because both my keyboard and my mouse button are far from silent... triple tsk!).  After once again procrastinating for a good half-hour, I close down my A&M #2 epilogue, I hide my two open Firefox windows, one with Facebook, my email, and a random page on natural mosquito repellents, the other with my Blogger dashboard and a number of other literary blogs (especially this post, which is proving to be invaluable to me right now).  All this done, I open my other email account (yeah, #2) and start looking for the email from my boss with the working files for one of the books I promised to type-style.


Fifteen minutes of hunting through my university email, scavenging through my migrated email on another account on this computer, searching the whole HD with Spotlight (oh, this now works so much better than it did on OS 10.4!!), and I remembered:  G gave it to me on my flashdrive.  So, I reach into my handy bookbag, into the little bitty mesh pocket where that little flashdrive lives and only ever leaves if it's stuck into a computer, and.... it's not there.  Of course.  Then I vaguely remember leaving it on the coffee table last week, then moving it for the Memorial Day party we had over the weekend, and realize that it's sitting on the bookcase next to the couch.  Mother sprickin'....

Okay, yeah, I could blame the flashdrive for my problems, but I know it's my fault.  So, now that I've been at the library for, oh, at least an hour.  I'm ready to pack up my bag and head back home, have lunch with my husband, and then potentially come back here WITH THE FLIPPIN' FLASHDRIVE and work in the afternoon.  Assuming I don't leave it until tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

So, I originally posted this at 1:15pm.  It's now 3:30.  In the last 2 hr 15 min, I have played on the blog, tried to add a widget from Goodreads that I made infinitely more complicated than it needed to be, and then played around on Goodreads.  Oh, yeah, I ate lunch with my husband, and I copied the files from my flashdrive to my HD.  So, at least I did one thing that could lead to potential productivity, right? :)

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