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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Impact Initiative

So, I realize that the month is almost over, but I would like to point you in the direction of Lindsey Leavitt's blog.  This whole month she has been featuring stories of people impacting people by various authors.  They've been some of the most wonderful stories I've heard in a while, and a few of them even made me teary.

The story that had the strongest impact on me so far is the one by Lisa Schroeder.  The reason this one touched me so much was because she wasn't trying to impact an entire school, but she did, with just the price of postage for a small package.  Not only that, but she says at the end that she hesitated in sharing because she didn't want others to think she was bragging.  Her one simple gesture impacted so many people, and she would almost rather be anonymous about it.

It's truly beautiful when people do things just to do them, just to help, whether they receive the thanks or not.  And I know that Lindsey didn't decide to run these stories because she wanted thanks, or wanted others to praise the authors who have shared their stories.  She's doing it because, well, it's just a good thing to do.

Thank you, Lindsey.

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