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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Personal Goat Goddess

Dear Laura,
Thank you so much for your initial critique of #1 in my Anabelle series.  Your comments are invaluable, even though you considered them vague.

Love, Rosie

The Highlights:

1) Title (oh, dear God, yes!  This MUUUUST be changed!)

2) more sensible setting

3) more letters (?)

4) flesh out what makes the world different (magic, language) earlier in the story

5) more character development of the main 2
     a) give Anabelle more flaws

Things I need to work out in relation to above:

1) This has already been a struggle.  But, I've also been slacking on it.  I needed the kick in the ass on this one.

2) Write my alternative history of the US (abbreviated, of course).

3) I'm going to have to work out if and where I can add more letters, or portions of them.  And unfortunately I'm not terribly poetic personally, though Marcus is.  I need to really think through some of the ways he would write more of the later ones.

4) Write:
     a) my abbreviated history of the royal family (although, how abbreviated can it be to cover 1000 years?)
     b) my handbook on their religion.  That will also take some work.

5) Yeah, Anabelle needs to be a bit more believable.  I guess I need to work out the balance of how to give her more flaws while she remains the true narrator.  She's a bit stubborn, and I don't think she'll want to admit to her own issues.

Wait, who's in control here?  Me, or her? .......... I suppose it depends on the weather that day.

I also need to find the balance between developing Marcus more and still maintaining some of Anabelle's innocence and idealization of him.  That's a fine line to walk.

The Plan:
1) Write my tweaked US history, my royal family history, and my guide to all things spirit-related.

2) Write more full letters between them.  Even if they never make it into the story, it'll be good for me.

3) Maybe write the story from Marcus's perspective (yeah, I'm stealing this idea from Stephenie Meyers, I'll admit).

4) Brainstorm a better title already!!!

5) I think I probably need a complete overhaul of Chaps 1-7.  And I am NOT allowed to do this until I have accomplished 1-4 above!!!  That will be the hardest part, I think.

6)  And I'm not allowed to even think about starting Zoe's diary!  That's going to be really hard....

Wish me luck!  

And thanks again to Laura.  I'm so glad to know you, and very lucky that you married my friend.  I can't wait for the rest of your comments. 


Honoria said...

Good luck! Sounds like great feedback.

RosieC said...

Thank you! (to the only other person who knows who Zoe is ;)

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