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Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Back in the Swing

Boy, oh boy, does taking a month off put a dent in ones momentum. Getting it back has been quite a process, and, well, it's not back yet. This counts for writing, editing, and blogging.

So I'm working on weekly goals. One of my crit partners and I are trading weekly goals and trying to motivate the other to stick to them. I've gotten through some of them, although my reading goals are falling behind—which is bad, since they're ARCs and I have deadlines to meet.

This may be the most versatile picture
I've ever taken :)
I don't know how people with real 40hr/wk jobs juggle writing, editing, blogging, reading, family, friends, life, and sanity. I just don't. I'm struggling right now because my job upped my hours to 25 per week. That's nothing, right? And yet I can't seem to get in the hours they want while also getting the writing-job requirements fulfilled at the same time.

It's probably because I've just started. This is week two. Add to this my month hiatus from everything.

But... but... shiny new writing office should make everything better, right?


Any suggestions on how to get back in the writing groove? Other than just to do it? Because, really, I'm trying. It's just so SLOW!


Wendy G. Ewurum: Blog Author said...

Sounds painfully frustating. Very apt pic...LOL
I have no suggestions at all and just wanna say Yay for new office space. Good to have you back hot chick.

Jennifer Groepl said...

I suggest free writing until you feel like writing again. Just pick a prompt and free write about it - writing constantly whether it makes sense or not - for a specified time frame.

Stella got her groove back by going to the Caribbean... Is that an option? lol

Holly L'Oiseau said...

Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm in your campaign group! Oh, let me tell you...I work 40 hrs per week, have a hubby, eight-year-old, two cats, and some fish. It's not easy to get time! I have to be very, very regimented! I work all day and get home at 6:30. I do homework with kiddo while hubby cooks. We eat dinner around 7-7:30. Then It's family time until about 8:30. Then my son takes shower/gets ready for bed. Then goes to bed at 9:00. Meanwhile, my hubby and I have some alone time from about 8:30-9:30. Then I finally get to write from about 9:30-10:30. Whew. lol. And my days off I try to write and read more. But let me tell you, there is sacrific. I'm not that person you see on Twiter all the time, and I don't get to watch TV.

Jan Morrison said...

Hey Rosie - a month off huh? You're just in re-entry. Cut yourself some slack while you get up to speed. Be nice to yourself AND put in one hour a day writing. That's it - one hour. Don't let yourself do more than that. And if something has to go - well, it ought to be the social networking stuff. I'm reposting old blogs and only visiting five sites a day until I get my revision DONE. I like the weekly goal setting with a crit pal - that's a great idea. Anywho - I struggle with discipline but if I just set a small doable task - I will do it.
mucho loveo!

Hildred said...

Hello, I am also in the urban fantasy campaign group! Urck, I honestly don't have much advice to offer. I technically work part time but my job wipes me out so hard it's hard for me to balance my time as well =( Let me know if you discover the secret, okay?

Summer Ross said...

I wish i could help more but honestly i have only this to offer try making small writing goals like write 300 words for two weeks everyday at whatever time you like best early am or after everything is over for the day. Maybe that will help you back into a routine.

Amy said...

I'm in the same boat actually! I've taken a reading break for the past couple of days and can't quite get my writing grove back.

I just might have to take the plunge and hide out with no distractions and just start writing. This might involve hiding (locking myself) in a closet with no internet connection on my laptop! :)

Have a great weekend!

MzHartz said...

"I don't know how people with real 40hr/wk jobs juggle writing, editing, blogging, reading, family, friends, life, and sanity."

Heh,heh,heh, sanity? Scratch that off of your list, because you can't do all of that. I also notice that cleaning isn't on there. It's not on my list either.

Really, if you every find the way to blog, write, edit, and work 40 hours a week without turning into a hermit, let me know. Right now it seems like I work on editing or writing only once every two weeks, and blogging even less. Thank god for NaNoWriMo, I swear that's the only way I get any writing done.

Carol Riggs said...

Hehe, yes, love that pic and it IS rather versatile. ;o) And whew, I know...not sure how people who work full time and who have kids get any writing done. Kudos to them! Gee, now I feel lazy...

Lucy V Morgan said...

Hello from a fellow UF campaigner :)

When I get stuck, I read something awesome. Then I get all, "yeah, well I can do SO much better than this," and I get crackin'.

Of course, two months later, I have to erase the odd paragraph of unconscious plagiarism. But it's all good :P

Shelley Koon said...

I work 40 hours a week and occasionally freelance in the evenings so my time can get really tight. How do I motivate myself? I just ask myself a simple question, "Is this where you want to be in a year with your writing?" - to which the answer is "no" - which leads me to my response to myself, "Then get your ass in that chair and write".

I should probably be concerned about all this talking and answering myself but I just don't have the time to dwell on it :P Good luck with getting back into the swing (you can do it - jut put your butt in that chair!). Looking forward to being in the YA group with you!

Anonymous said...

I relate to that pic.

It feels like busyness and moments of being absolutely overwhelmed come in waves, and I hope the waves subside so that I have more time for myself and writing.

Lyla said...

Hi, Rosie! I'm in your UF group. I have trouble juggling work/non-writing life with writing as well. What I do is try to not waste any time as possible and write late nights if necessary. Wish you lots of luck!

Leah said...

Add me to the ever-growing list of people who let silly things like "work" get in the way of writing. I swear, it's as if I trick myself into thinking my day is over when I get off work. But, hey, it's really not.

I just fit writing in wherever can these days. Or set aside time for it, grab some coffee or a cup of tea, and just go for it. Once you really get down to it, the passion bubbles to the surface and you won't want to stop.

And, oh, I'm another person from your UF campaign group. Hello!

Talli Roland said...

It is hard to get into the groove - I completely understand! But I think just sitting down and trying is the only way.

Alica McKenna Johnson said...

Hello I just joined your urban fantasy group! Looking forward to getting to know you.
Life is very crazy hopefully we can help each other get through this. :)

Kate Swenson said...

I like to get out of the house and find a coffee house without wifi. Best of luck with the kickstart!
PS: You had me at Jenny Lewis. :)

Alleged Author said...

Juggling definitely does stink!!

Hi, fellow campaigner! We're in the same group!

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