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Monday, November 1, 2010

Muses for NaNo


I've already reached my word count minimum for Nov. 1 (see my cool widget to the right?).  This is going to be a short post, seeing as my Mondays and Wednesdays were insane even before NaNo began, but I wanted to share my muses with you.

Muse 1: Mr. Kubuś (that ś is pronounced kind of like sh). Hobbies include sitting on and eating paper while sending good writing vibes to Rosie.  Also, when Rosie is cold, Mr. Kubuś will do everything in his power to warm her legs (even when she doesn't know that she's cold).

Muse 2: Ms. Kasia (pronounced Kasha; she's named the Polish form of Katie and not after breakfast cereal). Latest past time includes curling up on Rosie's chest so that she is only capable of typing one-handed.  Who needs two hands to type 1.667 words/day, anyway?

Where do you find your inspiration?


Summer Ross said...

awesome to meet your word count! Congrats for today!

I havn't started yet, cause well school and kids come first...

LTM said...

cute kitties! Mine's a biter, so she is NOT inspirational! Unless it's a vamp novel, I guess... :D

congrats on meeting your goal! Good luck~

RosieC said...

Summer, thanks. School and kids do come first. I only have school, so it makes things a little easier.

Leigh, sounds like she's trying to tell you to write a vamp novel :) I hope your revisions are going well.

Lynda Young said...

congrats on your word count. It's exciting. I'm shocked some people in my NaNo buddy list already have 10k words racked up! Crazy!

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