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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Pantser Depantsed

So I think of myself as a pantser, but the idea of pantsing for NaNo makes my knees shake in my fashionable knee-high boots.  I like to discover the journey as the characters move along, but as far as I can tell, there are two problems with this for me:
  1. Keeping up with the 2000 word/day target average.
  2. Making sure I maintain the increase in tension from scene to scene.
Well, yesterday I downloaded Scrivener.  It inspired me to spend quite a bit of time last night outlining chapter ideas, writing character sketches, and generally trying to organize myself.  It all equals work I wouldn't have done otherwise (most likely) before Monday.  I've got names for characters that I hadn't considered before, notes for the first 7 chapters, and backstory that I hadn't worked out earlier.

I'm so excited about NaNo.  Can you tell?

How do you do your writing prep?  How do you keep track of all of your notes and ideas?


Jan Morrison said...

as a pantser I don't. I just sail in and let the writing itself tell me the story. It is frightening and fun. This year I'm not writing for nano - I'm going to put 50 hours into revising True. I'm such a crazy rebel. jeesh.

LTM said...

I actually just type them up in a notepad doc! omg. I know!

but I've never heard of Scrivner... curious~

Happy Halloween! and good luck w/NaNo~

Charity Bradford said...

Rosie, what do you think of Scrivener so far? I'm so excited about it, and have been waiting for it to come out for windows for 2 years. It's what changed me to a plotter as well I think. I tried ywriter last year because it was similar to Scrivener.

I'm still hanging my head in shame that I haven't sent your book to you. I have it in an envelope ready to go. I'm made it a goal to leave my house and brave the post office today. I hate that place, but if I wait any longer I'll have Christmas lines to deal with. *shudder* Please forgive my perpetual procrastination.

Heidi said...

Oohh, Scrivener! I want to try that out!

I also really want to do NaNo, but I'm afraid that university will kill that dream before it even starts. :( Hello, midterms round two, term papers and finals.

Hart Johnson said...

Well you know I ALWAYS celebrate and pants removal. That's just how I roll. But I agree that it is SO MUCH easier to write fast with a plan!

I'm not a REAL outliner, but I am definitely a timeliner--I know where the story is going. For the books that I haven't known... they still sit unfinished...

Jules said...

I wanted to let you know I've decided against NaNo, I'm just not ready yet. But I plan on following you guys best I can. :) May the force be with you.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Carol Riggs said...

Hey if ya'll are doing NaNo and you haven't seen this already, be sure to check out agent Nathan Bransford's NaNo "Boot Camp" for helping set things up and prepare! He's been going over that for the past 4 or so days:
Nathan's Boot Camp
Just thought I'd share, tho I'm not doing NaNo myself.

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