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Monday, May 31, 2010


I've been considering starting a blog for a while now, wanting to throw my dreams-turned-fiction out into the ether and see what sorts of responses I get.  I'm open to comments from anyone who is willing to take the time and read what's here.  And thank you in advance.

I've spent the last year or so working on a three-part series that—theoretically—is in the middle stages of editing.  I won't be posting that here because I want to send that out for publication (someday).  But I've also had other stories that have popped up along the way—things that I haven't spent nearly as much energy on as my series—and they're begging for feedback.

The first story that I'm posting is rather long (currently with holes that need to be filled, approx. 70,000 words).  I would only ask that you start at the beginning.

Thanks! :)

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