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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yorkie (#atozchellenge)

Welcome to today's post on the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. My challenge, as I have chosen to accept it, is thus: I have asked on my Facebook and Twitter accounts for people to contribute random words beginning with today's letter. From Random.org, I have selected one of these words, and will below challenge myself to connect said word to writing.

For the letter Y, I received 30 suggestions. Random.org selected number 16: yorkie.


Courtesy of Wiki Commons
Dogs are man's best friend. Cute little creatures that love and cuddle us when we're down. And not just dogs. We could say the same about cats, iguanas, hamsters, Coi, ferrets, what have you. They're frequently in our lives wherever we turn.

So, my friends, I ask you: why don't we see more animals in fiction?

Really, I'm not just talking about the MC who has a Yorkie that cuddles with him/her while s/he watches television at night. I more mean, as the main characters themselves? What precludes animals from taking a major role beyond, say, MG fiction?

I don't have any answers, and, honestly, I'd like to know your thoughts. I have a weird idea for something with ants based on a recent ant invasion in my house (I can't blame them for trying to escape the rain!). But is something like that marketable?

So, what do you think? Why don't animals make more of a prominent appearance in YA and adult literature?


Rebecca Dupree said...

What about Winn Dixie? Isn't that YA? BTW, I love Yorkies.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

yorkies are adorable

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