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Monday, September 6, 2010

Whoot! It's my 100 Followers #Contest!!

If you've seen any of my posts since the momentous event, you know I have 100 followers.

Me = Giddy :)

So, I'm holding a little celebration at East For Green Eyes, and I hope you'll participate.  I'll make it worth your while, I promise.

Also, I have no idea what I'm doing. But you'll enjoy it nonetheless, no?

What Can You Win?

Indecisive me.  I have a few different things to offer, but I couldn't decide what was most valuable.  Plus, I have both reader followers and writer followers, each with different priorities.  So here are the possibilities.

A signed copy of The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors by Michele Young-Stone.

A signed copy of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

A chapter critique from me.  This does not have to be a first chapter as long as it is accompanied by a summary of the action thus far (which can be highly informal).

A 5-page or query critique from me.

Choice of two Vosges Chocolate Bars.  Subject to availability at my local grocer.  No promises the chocolate making it in one piece though international shipping.

The Rules
  • You must be a follower. +2 pts for old followers—i.e., you clicked the happy "follow" button before I published this post.  +1 pt for new followers. 
  • To participate, leave me a comment and tell me (briefly—max 20 words?) about the awesomeness that is YOU!
  • In your comment, rank what you would like 1st, 2nd, etc.  The first place winner will get their top choice, and then the top-most choice for the other winners.
  • This is not limited to US and Canadian residents.  You're all cool.  I can manage the postage :)
  • Tweet for extra points. 1pt per Tweet, maximum 3.  Please include @rosieanabelle in your Tweet, and leave me a link below.
  • Give my contest a shout-out in a blog post = +4 pts. (and leave me a link)
  • Side bar announcement about the contest = +2 pts. (and leave me a link)
  • Okay, folks, here's the kicker.  My blog doesn't have a very writerly title.  It doesn't include the word "write" or "edit" or my name.  It references a song lyric.  Chances are good that said song lyric has something to do with my writing (I'd say 99.99999% with a .00001% margin of error). I'm not asking you to guess, because that would take away the mystery, but for +10 extra points, you can write a short story (of no more than 500 words) that includes the phrase "east for green eyes" that is NOT from the song lyric.  Email your story to me at rlconnolly01(at)gmail(dot)com.  PLEASE include the story IN-LINE.  Attachments will NOT be read and you will not get the points for your beautiful creative efforts.

Okay, for the record, when you first enter these things, you haven't Tweeted and you haven't side-barred and you haven't blogged, and that's cool.  When/if you do, just come back and leave me another comment with your links.  If you just want to enter and not do any of the extras, that's cool, too.  Just leave me a comment.

The contest will close at midnight EST on Friday, 17 Sept.  Winners will be announced on Monday, 20 Sept.

Good luck! And thanks for following! :)


LTM said...

makin us WORK, yes? Congrats to you--and I think those books look interesting... I'll rank them 1-2 in the order they appear...

as for the Twitter, well, grandma's tryin~ ;p

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Rosie - I'm a dope when it comes to doing all these things - I'll just tell you that I'm an old follower (how old? mind your beeswax). You already know the awesomeness that is me because you come on my site Crazy Jane - Jan Morrison ! You know that I write about the writing life and on my other blog I write about chickens, knitting, and accordion playing! And I post lots of photos on each.
I will write a short story and send it to you because that seems FUN. And I'll tweet ya!
later toots - have fun - it's your party and you can cry if you want to - or laugh.

Carol Riggs said...

Congratz on 100 followers! Even tho I'm the 100th follower, I guess I'd be considered an "old" one since it's prior to this announcement, right? My choice of a prize would be a critique! Those are always way helpful. Love the cover of HUSH, HUSH though!

DEZMOND said...

I've never heard of your Vosges Chocolate Bars before, so I visited the given link and was shocked by some of the tastes they have in offer :))) Bacon and chocolate??? Who on earth would eat that???? Don't tell me it's you Rosie :P

Anonymous said...

Kudos on reaching 100!

The awesomeness that is me? Hmmm, I got nothin' :p I like rhurbarb. And I'm currently obssessed with strawberry rhubarb pie.

You can never have too many query critiques so I'd go with that...or the Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors. One day I may need it :p

I'm attempting a contest too in honor of my quarter-life crisis. Feel free to check it out :D

Michelle said...

You were my first follower... does that give me an extra point? Congratulations again and I am going to whip up some links for you if I can figure out how. LOL

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the 100!

Something about me... I'm a teacher & school starts tomorrow & I won't sleep much tonight! Nerves & excitement always keep me up!

old follower - 2
tweeted - 1 (@jemifraser)

My first choice would be Hush Hush, 2nd a chapter crit, 3rd query crit, 4th - 1st book

Great contest!

Lynda Young said...

- old timer follower
- I IS awesome! Awesomeness is ME!
- Hush hush, Handbook, chapter crit, choc
- yay for the internationalism
- tweeted @LyndaRYoung

W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

Sarah said...

New follower on the blog. New follower on Twitter. RT from @shadowflame1974, and hoping to write a story.


Hush,Hush,Chapter Crit, Chocolate, handbook.

Writer, artist, mom... isn't that enough?

Boonie S said...

Your friendship is prize enough for me.

All the best, Boonie

RosieC said...

:) You're so sweet, Boonie. Thanks!

Carol Riggs said...

Hi Rosie! I gave a shout out to advertise your blog follower contest! See it at:


Congratz on making it to 100! (er, your blog, not you LOL)

Rebecca T. said...

I'm entering! Woo Hoo! and then I will come back once I have done extra-y stuff :D

1st choice: Hush Hush
2nd: chocolate... mmmm
3rd: Lightning book

J.C. Martin said...

Ooh...you got me at the chocolate prize! That has to be no. 1 for me!

#2 Hush Hush
#3 Lightning Strike Survivors

Have added your contest to the list on my blog: http://jc-martin.com/fighterwriter/contests/

That should be good for a point or two?

Mia said...

ROSIE! This fabulous, I noticed this thanks to Rebecca T up there so.. uhh... maybe that earns her extra points or something.

Ummm... I'm, like, probably a new follower OH WAIT no. I'm an old follower. Right? Right.


Hello. I'm Mia. Um, I like writing about zombies and eating Jam. I live in scotland.

Hush Hush is really number one for me if that's ok. Then I'd be happy with ANY of the fabulous other prizes.


Theresa Milstein said...

What a great contest.

I'm already a follower (2 pts).

About me: I substitute teach and write YA fantasy book, but no agent... yet.

1. Hush, Hush
2. The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors
3. 2 Vosgos chocolate bars

Side bar announcement (2 pts.)

If I think of short story, I'll come back.

Anonymous said...

Great contest with some great prizes! Congratulations on all your followers; you deserve them. ;]

+2 for being a follower

1st: The Handbook For Lightning Strike Survivors
2nd: Chocolate
3rd: Hush, Hush

I live in Georgia and am an unpublished writer of fiction. Pretty awesome, no?

Rebecca T. said...

Here's my extra stuff! Whee!

Follower +1

I am a reader, a dreamer, a romantic, a realist, an optimist with a little OCD thrown in (full of contradictions, that's me :)

Tweeted +1 http://twitter.com/SonshineMusic/status/24660961007

Contest shout out in a blog post +4 http://sonshinemusic.blogspot.com/2010/09/we-have-grand-prize-winner.html

So total =6

RaShelle said...

Hi Rosie - Congrats on your 100 followers!!!

Already a follower.
I twittered and FB

I'd choose Hush Hush, chap crit, choco.

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