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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awards and Wins!

DON'T FORGET! There's still time to enter my 100 Followers #Contest.  Even if you're new to the blog, feel free!  I'm glad you're here :)

Also, stop back in at the end of the week for a wrap up of Monday's forum question.
Man, the writing praise keeps pouring in!  I'm not gonna be able to fit into my hat by the end of the week. :)

First, I found out earlier in the week that I was the Grand Prize winner of Rebecca's half of the Super Sister Celebration at Sonshine Thoughts.  Here's a link to my story, if you're interested.  Honestly, it's hard to lose with a prompt like "Be happy that... your new neighbors aren't cannibals."

Thank you, Rebecca!

Okay, and some awards! 

First, from Jessica at Smile, Feel Good, Pass It On sent me two awards.  Thank you, Jessica!

I've received both of these already, which does nothing to diminish the awesomeness of getting them again.  If you'd like to read seven things about me, check here and here.  I'm also going to defer on passing these on for now.  I reserve the right to do so in the future :)

And Jules at Trying to Get Over the Rainbow also passed this on to me :)  Thanks, Jules!!

The strings with this award (as Jules put it :) ) are that I have to list ten things that I like (not love) and pass it on to ten people.  Well, let's see.

I like... blogging and meeting awesome people online.

I like... walking through the woods on campus every morning on my way to class/work.

I like... Snapea Crisps.  You must eat these!  They're flipping addictive.

I like... wearing flip flops and sandals.  A lot!  Mainly because I kinda hate things that cover my toes and feet.  Yup, I'm weird like that.

I like... almost every vegetable I've ever encountered, including Brussel sprouts and okra.  Maybe I'll think of one I don't like, but I can't right now.

I like... picking ripe cherry tomatoes from our plants and eating them like candy.  Yum! :)

I like... summer.  While I complain about the stifling heat periodically, I will take it over snow any day.

I like... knitting, even if I don't do it enough.

I like... vampires.  Yup, I admit it.  And I liked them well before the current hype, and I will continue to like them later.

I like... fairy tales.  No, not like Disney, watered-down versions, but the ones with teeth and nails and grit that don't have happy endings.  And I really like giving these a modern spin.

And for passing it on...

Summer at My Inner Fairy
Rebecca at Sonshine Thoughts
Mia at My Literary Jam and Toast
Vatche at The Student Writer's Mind
Lynda at .W.I.P. It
Tara at Aléatoire
Jan at Crazy Jane
Sangu at Echoes of a Wayward Mind
Jemi at Just Jemi
Erica at Elevator Musings


Rebecca T. said...

Aw thanks! You're sweet!

I like flip flops too! I hated them until about 3 years ago when my sister completely converted me. Now I wear them all summer long :)

DEZMOND said...

knitting and vampires go really well together :)

Summer Ross said...

Awww Thank you Rosie!!!! I appreciate the award, though I don't have much time right now, I'll post it on my awards page and blog if I get the chance about it. I hope you have a great day- and I recently found out I don't like regular peas, but snapeas are very good and I agree addictive!

Lynda Young said...

I love picking cherry tomatoes too!!! I recently put in a new plant in the garden and it just got its first flower. Exciting :)

Thank you so much for the award! I will do an official thank you post the week after next (next week's posts are already allotted -- I'm taking part in a couple of blogfests)

Sangu said...

Loved learning about these 'likes'! And thank you so much for passing it on to me, I'll definitely ponder my likes for when I pass it on! :-)

Jemi Fraser said...

Thank you!! You made my day :)

Yay - another brussel sprouts fan! I love them :)

Cheeseboy said...

Congrats to the winners. And I promise not to judge you for liking vampires.

isia said...

Brussel sprouts rock!

RosieC said...

Rebecca, my pleasure. I so glad to hear that you've found the beauty of flip flops!

Dez, don't think that hasn't come out in my writing! :) That and custom-made stilettos!

Summer, no worries! When/if you get time. Snapeas are the best! Glad I'm not the only one.

Lynda, congrats on your new flowers! They're so pretty, aren't they? And no hurries on reposting. Glad you've already got so much to post about :)

Sangu, I'm looking forward to reading yours when you get the time :) Happy to pass it on.

Jemi, I'm so glad I could pass on a smile, especially when Brussel sprouts are involved!

Cheeseboy, please, no judging! But, really, what's sexier than getting bit on the neck? LOL

isia, don't they? Yum!

Jennifer Lane said...

Hey Rosie! Congratulations on 100 followers :) Sorry for the late notice but I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a book signing in Columbus, OH at House Wine in Worthington on Fri 9/17 from 6-8. (details on my blog, August 30). I'd love to have you attend if you can make it! Great blog you've got here. Jen xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Hmm now I have to go think of 10 blog appropriate things I like :p

RosieC said...

Jennifer, thanks for letting me know. I'll see what I can do :)

Erica, certainly my pleasure. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

BoraC said...

Congratulations :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...


I have no idea what Snapea Crisps are???? Okra is awesom, if i's battered, deepfried and served with ketchup. :)

Have a great weekend..

Sharon K. Mayhew said...


I have no idea what Snapea Crisps are???? Okra is awesom, if i's battered, deepfried and served with ketchup. :)

Have a great weekend..

RosieC said...

Thanks, Bora!

Sharon, Snapea crisps are the best. You have to try them! I love okra any old way. I once sliced it up and put it on my pizza, so it only cooked while the pizza cooked--maybe 12-15 minutes. YuM!

Hart Johnson said...

Big congrats on the writing win! I will have to go check out your entry (though I wait on any 'real reading' as opposed to blog reading, for my end of day) and congrats on the awards, too!

JoseG said...

I love Snapea crisps. I don't know why there aren't any in the house right now. :-)

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