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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cyber-Suck, Or How I Learn to Stand on One Foot

Dear Fellow Blogophiles,

Let me describe for you my past week (which, oddly enough, I also happen to be learning to do in my Macedonian class this week, but that's completely unrelated).  I wake up early, some mornings do yoga, have my tea and cereal (or muffins one morning :) and spend about an hour on Blogger since so many people post or schedule their posts GMT 4:00-13:00 (–5).  In this time, I never get through everything I want to read, and leave at least a dozen posts open in tabs in my Firefox window.

After the morning routine (се туширам, мијам забите...) I head to class.  Including travel time, this takes about 5:30 hours—all in all not bad, considering some people have real 9-5 jobs, so I'm not complaining.  Frequently on our breaks I will even hop on the computer, check my email, and even log into Blogger to respond to someone who's commented on a post—that's how excited I am when you guys comment.  Yes, I'm a dork, but a friendly dork :)

After I come home, I get on Blogger and try catching up again or writing my own post.  I frequently discover that hours have passed and I still have 2 dozen tabs open that I want to read.  But, obviously, I have to stop, do my homework (домашна работа), make dinner (правам вечера), clean up (мијам садови), and then spend time with my husband who I haven't seen all day.  After a while, I'm exhausted, so I move upstairs and read until I pass out.

Do you notice what's missing here?  Do you see the obvious problem?

As if this weren't bad enough, I've now thrown Twitter into the mix.  Btw, folks, I don't get it.  I understand the potential.  Tweet about your new books, others ReTweet, and thousands more than otherwise will buy the book.  And that's awesome.  I haven't seen any of that yet, and instead have seen a lot of people talking about their flights being delayed on their way to SCBWI.  It actually feels similar to an incredibly disorganized chat room that I used to frequent on a dial-up modem, designed entirely in ASCII.  I know people love Twitter, and I know I just need time to sort it out, find more people to follow, figure out what an interesting Tweet might actually be, but all the time I'm dedicating to Twit-covery is yet more time I'm not writing.

I'm still new on the blogoscene, all things considered.  I'm still learning my way.  But do you have any advice for a poor girl with a time-management problem who just wants to write AND blog-network AND support her friends' blogs AND encourage new followers AND Twick-or-Tweet AND have a real life?  Is the answer: stop sleeping?  It all comes down to balance, and I've never been good at standing on one foot much less organizing my time.  *sigh*

How do you do it?  How do you manage your life, your writing, and cyberspace?


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Getting your priorities in the proper pecking order is hard. Sleep is the most important. And the thing all of us give up first. Without it, you will find yourself with little physical and emotional energy.

And there goes your muse, your ability to adapt, and your relationships. School, of course, is important. Education is one of the two things that cannot be taken from you. Honor you must give away yourself.

Make time for reading books, for it will enrich your imagination and nourish your dreams. Your hubby, of course, cannot be ignored!

Twitter... I feel it fritters away time better used elsewhere. But that's just me.

Oh, and, of course, you must visit my blog. First and foremost, you must do that. LOL.

You must follow your instincts. They will seldom lead you wrong. Your blog friend, Roland

Misty Waters said...

First and foremost, read Roland's blog:) It's fun times. And reading books, too. Have to agree 100% with that.

Seriously, though, I have the hubby, kid (#2 on the way), full time job (that requires a lot of travel time) and I'm addicted to my Blogger. I open Twitter (totally new to me, too) and just wait for something interesting to come along.

Organizing the life is an impossibility, especially when you want to fit in writing time, too. It's hard, but you just gotta take it a day at a time.

RosieC said...

Roland, your blog on Chap 1 is one of those that I have open in a tab :) I left it for the weekend so I could read multiple chapters at once and catch up. And you're definitely right about my instincts. If they weren't pushing me to write, I wouldn't be complaining about it here! Of course, I'm still on blogger....

Misty, first, thanks for the Twit-follow :) One day at a time is probably the only way to do it. Congrats on your +1 coming!

Cruella Collett said...

Nope, no advice. I am still struggling with this myself. I keep hoping that it'll come naturally eventually, but I foresee a change of priorities soonish. I will have to focus more on my studies this fall, and probably this means a cut back on my blog schedule. Also I am considering using a stop watch on the time I spend on other people's blogs. A shame, but there you have it.

Good luck with finding your balance!

Jemi Fraser said...

I struggle too. My laptop is always on when I'm home and I always feel like I'm behind. I multi-task like crazy (I even check blogs when I'm drying my hair!) but there are still some I miss. It's really hard. Once school starts again I'm going to try a blogging schedule - make sure I visit everyone once a week, not try to catch every post. It's not ideal, but I'm swamped.

RosieC said...

Cruella and Jemi, a blog schedule seems like a good idea. I like the stopwatch idea, but I can't read that fast! And I KNOW I can't dry my hair and read blogs. I'm totally impressed :)

Hart Johnson said...

I SO hear you--I definitely need a system, as my current one, I seem to catch the blogs that appear at a certain time every day, and somehow penalize the people who post every day, as they go from my 'last read' to 'just posted' spot in my side-bar before I reach them. If you come up with a system, I'd love you to share. I think what I REALLY need though, is an excel spreadsheet (you thought YOU were a geek!) so I make sure I hit everybody a couple times a week, in any case.

As for Twitter--it is my least favorite networking system, but I've had a couple BLOG posts go viral on Twitter, so I'm a believer anyway. My first '400 hits in a day' (of which I've only HAD 3 or 4) and my one 600 both got into the Tweet system--thanks both times to Debbie Ohi, I think (InkyElbows--definitely follow her)

RosieC said...

Oh, I already follow her on someone else's recommendation. I need to figure out how to link my blog posts to Twitter, not that I expect posts like this to go viral :)

Chary Johnson said...

I also have a hard time keeping up with blogs during the week. I only have time to read on the weekends in the wee hours of the mornings or really late at night.

I tried twitter and really didn't like it. I don't have time to check email, blogger, twitter, and have even been off of Facebook *dies* this week. If you come up with anything, PLEASE let me know. I need to find a system that works. :D

Al said...

Sleep is definitely optional in today's world.
Or so it seems :-)

maryvernau said...

I love technology,but ive been reading fewer books due to more time spent skipping around the web, I do have a twitter acct. But don't use it because I fear I might start following every author I have ever read...and there goes more time..so i tell myself, i need to prioritize better. it certainly is a challenge...Don't skip on sleep though...you will pay for it later....I do love that photo!!! it says it all!! have a great weekend!

LTM said...

It's tough. I keep thinking I'll formulate a system, but nothing makes sense considering some people post daily, some every other day. I know this is only going to get harder when school starts back and I return to writing...

I know! Come up w/a system and we'll all follow it. And tweet about it and then you'll go viral! (well, except me. I still don't tweet. :o| I KNOW!)

Anonymous said...

I do two alphabet letters a day in my Google reading list. I have this system written down on a crude chart on my desk. Today I'll go through blogs starting with M and N. It seems less overwhelming this way, but the S's and T's take forever.

I'm only out of sequence coming here because I'm informing you that I have a blog award waiting for you.

Lynda Young said...

Finding the balance that works for you is a difficult thing. I'm still trying to find it. I don't comment on or read the posts of every single person who follows me every single day. It's just not possible. I do try my best to comment on those who comment on my blog and I certainly follow those who follow me. And I take weekends off to refresh.
W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

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